I offer my Pranaams to you Rev. Sri. Sri. Om Swamiji🙏🕉🌺I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you for all the love and support you have given to me through this sacred platform and shall always remain indebted to you.

It’s been a beautiful journey here , the most kindest and gracious Souls who have been like a big warm compassionate family .

Owing to certain complication in my health where the Doctors are not able to detect the reason for my severe abdominal pain, ongoing for months but have become more constant now and is getting aggravated by each passing day, as much as couple of days before too I was at the emergency. It seems like the normal routine is also becoming a big task, though I have been trying my best to face it with utmost strength with the help of my Lord Ganesha and all your Blessings wish to recover soon 🙏🕉 

The medical facility is not that quick here  to take action unlike in India. As luck would have it , and maybe there is a bigger reason of His Grace and message for me I feel. I am not able to travel back to India due to  Covid as that would require bigger care once I am there on my own.

I feel Divine Sri Hari and Maa Dugga knows what is best for me at the moment.

Not sure how long a sabbatical it would be,  I’d  like to extend my gratitude and humble thanks to my OS family . To begin with, I thank you Saadhvi Vrinda Ji, Sushree Diya Ji , Medha Sri for your love and support always, I extend my Pranaams and love to you all❤️🌺Ajay Kaul Om Ji you have been simply amazing and am truly touched with you and dear Anjali’s immense kindness for being there for me🙏🌺Anindata ( Aditya ) your caring nature is purely like a mother 🙏❤️Swati Gunwat  thank you for being there . Snigdha a big hug to you my little sis.Supriya much love to you my baby ❤️Meera Om Ji , Shalini Pandey, Navjot Lidder, Divya Vanshika , Rohinee, Mansi , Adi Sharma, thank you for being ever present  and loving. Akshay Iyerji you have amazed me each time by your kind responses on my posts, thank you truly🙏. Sunil Om, Ji, Kukil Ji, Surekha Chandrashekhar, Nalin Ji , Hetal Ji, Biswa Nandaji, Chander Om Ji, Subhash Iyer Ji, Debraj Sarkar, Mahavir Nautiyalji, Amarendra Om Ji , Divya Manahoran  Om, Ravi Trivedi, Anu Jain Ji, Riya Om, Sweta Acharya , Niren Patel Ji,  Ankur Saraf, Hemanya Vashistha, Varun Om Ji, Subrata Lahiri Ji , Kirtee, thoroughly enjoyed reading and connecting with you all,  through your posts ever inspiring 🙏🕉To all those beautiful Souls I have missed out naming , just wanted to say, that each one of you is simply outstanding 🙏🌺and serving the Universe magically through your experiences in writing🙏🕉 .

My Om Swamiji keep showering your love and Blessings 🙏🕉🌺 Making a painting of Sri. Hari and hope to share with you someday 🍃🦢

On a sweet note… 
A couple of songs  which I heard the most as a child  end no of times and it feels just the same till date…

YouTube video

YouTube video

Much Love and Light Surround all of you 🙏🕉

Jai Ganesha🌺Jai Sri Hari🌺Jai Maa Dugga🌺

Siddhika Umesh🙏