Sharing a story from my life which made me believe that the divine is a better planner of life to prepare you for something bigger in life than addressing your immediate needs. Read through my experience and let’s see if you feel the same!!

In 2009, I completed my graduation. Being the topper of my branch, i got placement in Satyam computers. Life was going as per the expectation and i couldn’t have asked for more. I spent my final semester enjoying with friends with no worries as i had everything sorted. I completed my final semester and went back to my home in Delhi waiting for my joining letter. The big event was about to unfold in my life and put me through greatest learning of my life! During the period of recession, the Satyam Computers went through the tough time due to financial frauds and all the new joinings were cancelled. This was a complete shocker to me and was not able to absorb this shock. My other friends who were in my batch joined other companies in Bangalore/Hyderabad. I was feeling bad that in-spite of being branch topper and studying hard, i was sitting idle at home. I had two options, either i also travel to Bangalore and join some company or wait for some miracle to happen to get the offer letter.

After lot of thinking, i decided to apply for job via job portals. I used to apply at any IT related job in NCR region and even went for lot of campus interviews. One of the experience which i would like to share, I got a call and person suggested to come for interview. Immediately, my mind started imagining about the interview and me being specially selected for the interview process. But, when i reached the place i found that more than ~300 students fighting with the HR as they travelled from far places and interview was cancelled since they were not able to handle the crowd.

Post this experience,  i decided not to for any off-campus placement. During all this process, i never stopped learning new stuff. I used to spend good amount of time in learning new stuff in RHEL, Java (all tech related to coding). This helped me with the next big opportunity i was about to get. With my job hunt continuing, i got a call from Aptech institute to check if i can teach J2EE to one of the batch. I immediately said YES!! They scheduled my interview and interview didn’t go as expected since i learned J2EE 2.0 and interviewer had all questions from J2EE 3.0. As expected, i didn’t do well but i requested for another week to re-appear for interview since concept wise they are same but differ only in syntax. They agreed and a week later my interview went well. I was offered with 1 month job at 15K salary in 2010. 

I embarked my journey towards Muzaffarnagar (town in UP) where i was suppose to teach the batch of 30 students. This was going to be life changing experience for me. I was given a small accommodation on roof top to stay. I literally cried for an hour remembering my mother  since i was far from her and no one to run behind me to check if i had breakfast/lunch or dinner. The emotions were at peak. After some time, i regained myself and started creating my notes for 1st class. My 1st class went above expectation and students really loved the lecture. The routine got set, morning started with 2 classes and in night, i used to study my textbook related to algorithms. 30 days passed like a blink. On the last day, all students passed the online test with ~60-80% marks in Advance Java and to my surprise many of the students gifted me flowers and  chocolates. I had last interaction with the students and was ready to get back to Delhi! I learnt a lot from this experience. This helped me to open up and talk confidently in front of people, deal with problems by own and get to the level of students to understand their problems. 

I came back to Delhi and i was again offered by the institute to teach Linux. But, something inside me said “NO” this is not i want to do in long term. I declined the offer with no other plan. But, purely this reaction was coming from heart because the heart is free from all earthy desires and fears! With no option in my hand, i was sitting at the bus stop waiting for 727 bus and suddenly, life takes another turn.

I met my friend Alok from graduation batch. Without any delay, i asked him what he was doing in Delhi! He informed me that he is preparing for Gate exam for Post Graduation. Suddenly, i saw a hope of doing something good with my career and re-live on my long held desire of studying in IIT. We had 2 days to fill the Gate exam form. I filled and submitted the form. Since, hardly 2-3 months were left before the exam, no coaching institute offered admission for regular class. I decided to prepare myself and i completely devoted myself to the preparation of the exam. I signed up for mock tests and with test i made sure i improve with each mock test. During low time, I spend time reading stories of Shri Hari and Sai baba to keep up my motivation level. I never let any social pressure and feeling of what others are doing deter my determination. Finally, i got selected for IIT. Cutting it short since admission process was another fun. During my studies in IIT, again with all the hard work i got job offer on first day  of campus placement at Microsoft and the offer which i had was way beyond i thought.

Now, when i look back with what i was happy with and what i got in the end. I always had two choice when hard time came either keep blaming god or believe in him and continuously work with options i had. I hope the above story helps in giving an anecdote to people out there and ray of hope that Shri Hari or any divine which you believe in will answer your hard work, Just that “WHEN” is not in your hand. Hence, Keep working hard with unshaken faith on him.

Key Take Away:

  • Mother nature hears your all desire and for sure she will answer all of those but she will make sure nothing is granted before you are prepared for it!
  • Have faith and patience in difficult time. Keep working hard and learning! There is no alternate to hard work.
  • Shri Hari might have better plans for you!! He will prepare you for that. Remember that to glow like Sun you need to burn yourself and purify!
  • Heart voice is Shri Hari’s voice and to hear it get yourself free from all desires and pressure. Post this, the guidance you get is pure and correct!
  • If faith is unshaken, Shri Hari will appear in some form and help you..


Jaisi Hari Icha!!

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