There were the times when energy was high,

I strode in pride, almost thought I could fly.

The world in my fist, I could do all I wanted,

Those times moved on, my spirit yet undaunted.


The Lights were strong,

And I moved along.


Slow became the pace of many a thing,

As grew up my offspring.

I changed my role changed from doer to guard,

Not wanting their lives to be in any manner scarred.


The lights were bright,

All was still in my sight.


Things have changed, I’ve lost some abilities,

I hear less, see dim, need medical facilities.

I walk slow, I run not, I talk less,

To others, I don’t want to be an object of stress.


The lights are dim,

But life is bright, not grim.


As the lights go out, I still enjoy,

What’s provided by the Divine ploy.

I pray, I do what good I can,

I’m thankful that I’ve had a glorious span.


As the lights get dimmer,

I now see the soft glimmer.


I wish people knew the things I undergo,

I yearn to tell so they would know.

I wish people knew the joy of getting someone to hear,

About all I’ve been through, of people and things dear.


The lights dim, steady, take me along,

And take me forward on my ever happy song.

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