A few weeks ago, Swamiji announced the new karma points system. I felt elated and happy, mixed with a great dose of fear; a mixi-mixa masala of emotions!

I thought it would be a great opportunity to propel myself into the ‘unknown’ waters of creative writing and that it was time to face the fear of exposing myself on

That very same day, I found myself in the middle of the turquoise lagoon of the Ile Maurice, sun bathing on a floating synthetic wooden deck, about fifty meters from the shore. I was lying flat on my back, being cradled by the gentle movement of the sea, a soft breeze stroking my skin and the warmth of the sun felt beautiful.  Nobody was around, just the water, sun and Swamiji’s presence.

We often have dialogues, just the two of us. A prayer of gratitude flowed out of my heart as I felt immense joy and a connection with him. I was grateful for the peace, the beautiful ocean surrounding me (oil free by the way) and was blessed live in such a glorious environment.

Here is an extract of the internal conversation between Swamiji and myself: (please don’t laugh -)

“Swamiji, I want to write a post BUT…. It’s my biggest fear and beside that I have NOTHING to say!”

“Chantal, stand up and look around you” Swamiji challenged.  “I want you to jump off this platform, into the deep waters of your fear till you reach the shore.” Hesitantly and reluctantly I plunged off the platform, screaming from the tip of my voice, apprehending its temperature, the discomfort and a ghastly hungry shark!

Underwater, I felt the coolness of the element, it was rejuvenating and fresh. As I swam, head under sea level, holding onto my breath, layers of fear were shredding off my skin by the touch of the freezing water. I felt as if some cleansing was taking place.

“You are still alive and you made it to the shore!” the voice resonated. “THIS” and exactly “THIS” will take place when you post your first write up on You will feel alive and yes! you will feel the similar change in its temperature, its warmth as you reach the shores of, “as the water  speaks.”

The metaphor resonated deeply, like striking the head of a drum creating an internal vibration that remained as the sweet, salty taste of the sea in my mouth.

Few weeks later, I embarked onto a yoga retreat at the Otentic lodge, situated in a botanic wonderland, south of Mauritius. After the stretching, sweating and twisting of a yoga session, I went for a walk, searching for a quiet spot. An earthy scent drifted towards my nose. It was fresh and organic; as I walked the path, the twigs crunching under my feet.

The splendor of the Otentic was soul swelling. There were huge mango trees that hovered over one side of a pond, with a small waterfall that created an ideal location for my morning meditation.  I was in awe of the size and majesty of the trees. Their knotted arms rose ever upwards, reflecting my morning asana. Those aged trees had creaking branches. The solitary songbird was soon joined by his beaked companions, creating a symphony of songs. The heart haunting melody was an elixir for my soul.

I sat in my meditative posture on a giant rock whilst listening profoundly to the chirruping waterfall, wondering if it would reveal some secrets. I learnt in tarotology, the element of water is connected to our emotions. I applied the teachings and aligned myself to water, internally and externally.

I heard its gentle murmur whispering that I should let go of the leftover meals’ life had dished out:  pain, attachments, resistance. I had to “flow” as she did.

Similarly, water cascades down the steep terrain following its natural course, overriding obstacles on its way, as in life.  Swishing over the rocks joyfully, I listened again as tears of happiness, betrayal, abandonment and shame trickled down my cheeks. It joined the water beneath me, settling peacefully into the pond. I let go. I opened my eyes slightly and observed the circular formed ripples, one after the other, from a small circle to larger ones, reflecting the layers of my ego. I shut my eyes.

The flowing river grabbed the residues of garbage that clogged to my being, together with mud and a few rotten leaves.

“To protest against the river of life would be the greatest punishment you could inflict on yourself”, she muttered. The surrounding sounds began to change to a gentler swoosh-plunk and hiss-plop, it now had a slushiness to her beat.

The external waters were mirroring my internal state with her cooling effect. She urged me to be the catalyst of coolness and peace towards mankind.  The water element showed its other facet by her growling, the rumbling sound of an angry cascade.  It was ferocious and forceful when required, foaming into lather at its base, generating electricity for humanity. “Be the light when darkness is at the rendezvous!” she uttered.

Just then the sun came out. Its rays caught the watery slide, giving it a trance like quality. The airy sparkling of its spray was magical above the pool, dazzling with its beauty. It looked like a spritz of fairy dust. Water, then portrayed ‘maya’ as it had the illusory façade of a renaissance painting.

The wind whipped past me in a frenzy, blowing into my ears “as the water speaks, pick up your pen and share her voice on”



















































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