A question that comes up often is about Asana Siddhi, achieving perfect posture during meditation. I wrote a response to a comment about this topic and thought I should publish it as a short post. So, here we go.

What is Asana Siddhi?

Asana Siddhi, posture perfection is optional if we do feel-good meditation. The same applies to mindfulness meditation for building attention.

However, if we pursue Raja Yoga or special Sadhana for spiritual transformation, then Asana Siddhi is non-negotiable. Asana Siddhi refers to eight important bodily postures we maintain in meditation.

To learn more about this, you can read Swami’s book: A Million Thoughts. He has also written a beautiful post on this topic: Perfecting Your Posture in Meditation. Or, you can watch his video about the eight aspects of posture in meditation here:

YouTube video


My Limitations

There’s something important I wish to share to benefit those struggling with health issues. Throughout my decade of Sadhana, I had terrible health that prevented me from sitting comfortably on the floor.

Due to that, I can sit in a perfect meditative posture (Asana Siddhi) for just 30-40 mins at a stretch. For Sadhana which required more extended periods, I got up every 30 mins, stretched, and then sat back.

In trying to practice even that 30 mins, my back hurt often. Swami suggested using posture-improving belts during meditation. So, I used a shoulder straightening belt for a while, which genuinely helped.

My Experience

With all my limitations, here’s what I observed regarding Asana Siddhi:

  1. When I didn’t maintain perfect posture, I felt pressure in my head during meditations, which caused headaches. I never felt that discomfort when my posture was good.
  2. Whether chanting or meditation, I felt laziness or restlessness if my posture wasn’t proper. On days when my posture was good, I had a more peaceful experience and my concentration improved. With many such mindful days, I gained the ability to drop my thoughts, and the thoughts I pursued became powerful.
  3. Asana Siddhi brings calmness to our minds throughout the day. That was the most significant advantage I experienced.


Even today, my health is a bit shaky. Consequently, I can sit in the perfect posture for just 30–40 mins. Since quality is more important than quantity, I could achieve everything I did even with my limitation with Asana Siddhi.

As per Swami, we usually need between 7 and 12 mins for body consciousness to take a back seat. That is, to get 33 seconds of razor-sharp concentration, most people need to meditate anywhere from 7 to 12 mins. Hence, we don’t have to go crazy with Asana Siddhi.

If we can slowly get to about an hour of perfect posture (with one or two breaks), that’s more than sufficient. Using the daily schedule I suggested earlier, that’s all we need to attain Mukti or even Yogic Samadhi. Anything more than an hour is for Sadhana experts, like my beloved Swami, and not for all.


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