Asangoham, asangoham
The sky clouds over, hear the drums
The heart thrums
With every breath you enter me
With every breath I leave
Asangoham, asangoham
The sky clouds over, hear the drums.

Over distant shores and far fetched winds
The sound of the sea you carry to me
It vibrates in the body and mind
Asangoham, asangoham
I am you, you are me.

You are what I will find.
I know this in my heart of hearts
I have known this in my thoughts and dreams
Yet every waking hour, I quake for thee
Asangoham asangoham
Come, be with me.

It has rained.
The earth is wet, and the ancient smells
Of desire and death,
Enter these nostrils.
Asangoham, asangoham
I have known thee, but it’s not enough
Come, now, be with me.

The frogs will begin their sermons soon
The crickets their lovely games
This body will age, this mind will fade
Tell me, then, how will I wade
This roiling sea without thee?
Asangoham, asangoham,
Hold my hands, guide me.

Asangoham, asangoham
Cut these fetters three
Or untie them, if you wish
With love,
The frogs and crickets know their song
They sing all day, earnestly
This one cries,
With devoted eyes
When will you come to me?