"Hold onto nothing else but His divine feet"
Your words still echo in my heart
Your voice instantly grounds me, emotions bittersweet
Fills in me a deep anguish, for you're now apart.

So many sagacious lessons you've taught
Never needed language to express,
For your actions spoke loud and clear
"When you surrender to the Divine, you have nothing to fear."

The selfless seva you did everyday, prayers for everyone
Privily ward off many difficulties from our path
"Ask for nothing but His grace. And remember,
some prayers are better unanswered - we can't fathom His Math"

Your ways of life were too simple, yet difficult to resonate
"Accept everything as the Divine's grace on our fate,
Live happily, we've been given everything - more than we need
A roof over the head, two meals to eat and yet we greed"

"Think only good for everyone, anyone.
Be not jealous or dishonest. Be wise and kind"
"Think of going through pain as your own karma, abated though
Bringing you closer to the greatest mastermind."

A human like you I might never again find
The emotions you evoke, sublime and divine
Of respect and awe and love, you bind
Us, a few shallow pieces of mankind.