I read Srideviji’s post about “ Ask her to seek help” and realized that although Swamiji’s remembrance is there with me all the time, I never asked Swamiji for any help openly in the form of writing. These days, with Swamiji’s increased work and followings, it’s practically impossible to write to Swamiji in person. So, I am writing Swamiji here, on this forum hoping this will reach him somehow. 

Dear Master, I have found my strength in you. You are the light that guides me each moment. I am so grateful for having found you. There is nothing more I could ask from life. An unworthy soul like me can never know fully the glory that you are. Although, I have never met you in person my master, yet my heart gets drawn towards you as an iron filling gets attracted towards a magnet. Indeed, that’s how I feel for you as if you are the center(a strong magnet) of my universe. I find the solutions to all my challenges just by thinking of you.

The words you utter are the word of Vedas for me, and you are one with the source of Vedas, the Supreme Lord! O’ Master, O’ Lord! I am a lost soul who wants to come back home. Please accept me as your own, and take me home. I surrender to you, my Lord. 🌼🙏🌼🙏🌼🙏🌼

Swamiji, I would like to offer this Ode at your lotus feet🌼🌼🌼

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O’ Kanha, mein to tujhko hi chaahoon re,

O’ Lord! I am devoted to you alone,

Tujhse hi aas lagaoon ghanshyaam,

O’ Lord! I depend upon you alone.

Har Bandhan mein to tujhse nibhaaoon re,

O’ Lord! I serve you alone in all material bonds, 

Tujhse hi Preet badhaoon subah shaam,

I strengthen my bond with you alone day and night.


Sakal Lok ke tum adhikaari,

You are the controller of all the universes and beyond.

Mohan mere, Krishna Murari,

O’ Lord, the enchanter of all the hearts,

Ab kya hai archan, der hui kyun,

Then where is the obstacle, why there is a delay?

Apne dhaam bulao ghanshyaam,

Call me to your abode O’ Lord! now.


O’ Radhe, mein tu tujhko Bhi dhyaaon re,

O’ divine mother, I offer my obeisance to you as well.

Krishna Milan ki jyot jagaaon re,

And I desire to meet my Lord.

Tu jagjanani, dukh bhanjani,

You are the mother of all, the remover of all sufferings,

Mere dukh pahunchaon us dhaam,

Offer these pangs of separation at his lotus feet alone,


Sakal lok mein raadhe raani,

O’ Divine mother!  This entire universe is made up of you,

Gopakumaari, Krishna deewani,

O’ princess of cowherds! Divine lover of Lord!

Ab kya hai archan, der hui kyun,

Then where is the obstacle, why there is a delay?

Apne haath mein lelo mere bhaaga,

Take my reins in your divine hands.

I surrender to you my master, who is a living form of my Raadheshyaam in this earthly realm and who resides in the sacred land of Badrika Ashram! 

All Glories to you!!! Glories to your bhaktas!

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