Begining from the childhood I am always interested in occult subjects like yantra ,mantra, vedic astrology etc. Once in every year we show horoscopes of all our family members to astrologer. After reading my horoscope he told that Kuja Rahu sandhi shanti homa should done. He also suggested me to do japa.

My mind turned towards vedic astrology and mantra. Read some books on astrology and got some basic knowledge. In this process i got the book Ancient Science of Mantra  written by Om Swamiji. Inspired by this book I started japa. I also read the book Million Thoughts by Swamiji and started Meditation.

We performed Homa suggested by the astrologer. As per my horoscope, Rahu major period started.

As per vedic astrology, planetary period affect our life and there might be some major events will happen in respective periods.

As I looked my horoscope an inner transformation happened when Rahu period started. I turned towards spirituality. Meditation and japa are my daily habits.