I have been living in the U.S for over 30 years. I recently left my job so that I can focus on the things that I like to do.

I have setup an orphanage in South India as I have the burning desire to do something good to the society and leave a legacy.
I used my savings to construct a building that can house 20 orphans. Right now there are 7 orphans but would like to increase
the number to at least 15 before the next school academic year.

But my family views are completely different. They think that I am throwing away my savings on an useless project.

Sometimes I feel dejected as I have given everything my family needs and still taking care of all household expenses, since
I no longer have a job. I am also helping my son, who has a good paying job, with the purchase of his first home.

Any ideas/solutions of how to move ahead?

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