At the feet of the Master


You brought me to this world to pay off all my karmas followed through all my lives
You stood by me, saving me everytime I met with an ill fate, you sent people like blessings in disguise

I have never been a sincere devotee, unlike others who have surrendered their life at your feet with utmost love and faith in you
I always remembered you only when I was put through testing times and always doubted your presence and that you always knew

Even with my wavering faith in you, you never failed to shower your blessings upon me and have always pulled me back from worst
You have always been aware of my fickleness and impulsiveness with which I have always invited trouble for myself yet you stood with me first

Maybe life is slowly leading me to ways of achieving life’s purpose and sowing the seeds of faith in you to sincerely follow the path hereafter
I now surrender all my pains, happiness, dreams, desires and myself completely at your feet, my dearest loving Master