O divine Mother!
I am standing today at Your corridor
Enraged, angry, jealous and insecure
I pray to You I pray to You
Allow this sinner to think once of You
To love You, and to embrace You

I stand here – wounded and hurt
Leaving my ‘ego-self’ behind
I don’t want this ‘self’ that
keeps working against me
I don’t want this storm
That makes You distance me
I want to be in Your sannidhya
Forever and always!
I want to rest on Your lap
Till the dusk of eternity

One cannot even think of You
Without Your divine grace
One cannot be simply drawn to You
Without Your divine will
You have given me, with love
This eternal privilege
But I, a sinner, overlooked it

You gifted this grace
Onto the hands of a sinner
Whose mind is so impure
And whose heart is so murky
These ripples of my murkiness
Make me grow distant from You
These waves of my darkness
Makes me forget You

Oh holy Mother!
What good is this world to me
If my heart doesn’t remember You
What good is this body to me
If my energies don’t align with You

Don’t forsake this little child
I pray, I pray to You
Your love still resides in me
Like the most beautiful view
Embrace me, O mother!
With all of Your heart
And never let this mean child
Stay apart from You.

Aum Maa🙏❤🌹