Atma-Nivedan is the last step towards self-realization in the Nav Bhakti marga . Although there are so many saints and sages who have shown their devotion towards supreme in the form of self surrender and Bhakti scriptures are replete with such stories. One particular story that had a very deep impact on my mind was the conversation between Kunti and Lord Krishna when Lord was leaving for Dwarka after the end of Mahabharata war.

When Krishna asks Kunti for a boon before he was leaving, she said I have observed that my life was full of sorrows but I have never experienced suffering because you were always there to protect me, now when the life seems to be full of happiness, I see you leaving our side and this makes me anxious as I fear I should not forget you in the midst of happiness. So, O’Lord grant me sorrow again and again if that means you being close to me. It’s you alone that my heart desire . I was a kid at that time and always used to wonder can there be a person who can renounce happiness for the sake of Lord. Ofcourse, I was naive and had no idea who the supreme is ?

As I walk this path, I could see the futility of fleeting waves of happiness and sorrow and how ephemeral these experiences are and find myself getting anxious too if the pleasures of the world will distract from the spiritual path. I do not even have an iota of self surrender that Kunti had in her heart but knowing the Supreme accepts every offering that comes from purified intention, I am offering this bhajan to the Supreme with whatever self surrender I could muster and with folded hands ask him to be my side so that I can walk this path and attain the supreme state of self realization.


English Translation of Hindi Lyrics:

O’ Lord, please take away pleasures of the world,

That separates me from you,

O’ Lord, I am ready to take all the sorrows with a smile and kiss,

That brings me even an inch closer to you,

O’ Lord, I do not desire any fleeting happiness of the world,

That separates me from you.


O ‘Lord, Please take away this golden disc of yours,

That separates me from all-attractive Lord.


O’ Lord, please take away pleasures of the world,


That path alone that leads to you,

I want to take again and again willingly,

O’ Lord, please do not let me walk the path,

That do not lead to your door step.


O’ Lord, please take away pleasures of the world,


This worldly happiness and sorrow are the bondages of the seeker,

That binds him to this illusory world,

I desire only the state of mind where I abide in you,

When I do not abide in you, that moment feels like sorrow to me,


O ‘Lord , Let my thoughts abide in you alone.

O’ Lord, please take away pleasures of the world.


Hindi Lyrics:

Aisa sukh na deejo prabhu,

Jo mujhe tujhse door yun raakhe,

Dukh jo mujhe tere paas le jaave,

Dukh woh le loon choom choom ke,

Sukh jo tujhse door karaave,

Sau janmon mein bhi chahoon na usko,

Aise mohini daar na tu,

Jo Mohan se door karaave,

Aisa sukh na deejo prabhu,

Sukh dukh dono Jiva ki baidhee,

Jag se dono hi bandhein,

sukh mera woh jo abhaas hai tera,

bhaas na ho to dukh sa laage,

Aisa sukh na deejo prabhu.

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