DISCOURSE – 2 (March 16, 2021)

Being Satyanisht (Truthful) is one of those. 

35:14 – 41:47 : Buddha said, “Having the right view is very necessary”. A person may be on the path of Non-Violence, he/she may be on the path of Truth, but if he/she doesn’t have the Right View, then that person is living in Ignorance! That person would feel that all of his/her emotions are true, he/she would think, “It has come in my mind, hence, it must be true. I know very well, what is the right way to live life. The way the other person is trying to live, that is not right.”. 

If you don’t have the Right View, then also, a serene mind is very difficult to obtain

And, the biggest thing to remember amongst all is that, “ये जो समाज है, ये जो विश्व है, ये स्वार्थ से जुड़ा होता है। इसको आपसे कोई लेना देना नहीं है। इसलिए इतने बड़े भ्रम में मत जीना, कि समाज शायद मुझे चाह रहा है, मेरी पूजा कर रहा है, या मेरी स्तुति कर रहा है, या मेरे लिए कुछ अच्छा बोल रहा है। ऐसा कुछ नहीं है! किसी के लिए भी नहीं है! उसको केवल मतलब है आप उसको क्या दे सकते हो। (This society, this world, is connected through Selfishness. It has nothing to do with you. Hence, don’t live in such an illusion, that society likes me, society worships me, society is speaking good about me, Nothing is like that! Not for anyone! It is only concerned with what You can give to it)” . 

If society wants something, and you are providing that, then you are “Good” for that society. If society wants something, and you are not providing that, then you are “Bad” for that society. So, thinking about that person, for whom we are bad, or thinking about some bad incident, you only see, How sheer foolishness it is! Because, आपसे कोई सम्बन्ध ही नहीं है। ये समस्त सम्बन्ध जो हैं, वो स्वार्थ से जुड़े होते हैं। (All these relationships are tied with Selfishness. It has nothing to do with you, at all)! Whatever label we want, we can give it. 

A person thinks, “I cannot live without this person”. In love, such things happen, isn’t it? How big illusion it is! If the same person falls ill, then it hurts a lot. For example, if the husband falls ill, or the wife falls ill, then they would go to temples, the person will do all sorts of remedies to save his/her partner, but if the disease is such, that it becomes clear that the person is moving towards death, so, the person who’s left behind, what does he/she do? They mentally start preparing themselves that this person’s time of departure has arrived. He/She thinks, “It is really saddening, but what can we do now? Let’s check the Bank Account, and the bills and the Insurances etc, or else, it will cause trouble later. It is really saddening that this person is leaving. But still, we have to live”. Does anyone die in separation? No! But wherever there is love, the person thinks, “I will definitely die, if this person leaves me”. But, this doesn’t happen! Why? And, I am not saying this with a negative perspective, that these all relationships are tied through selfishness, “As long as the mind finds peace in someone’s presence, mind becomes his/hers. As soon as that sentiment goes away, mind also moves away”. 

So, to keep mind Nirmal (Serene/Compassionate), you must have this right view, this knowledge is absolutely essential, that, “Before you were born, Earth was revolving the same way, as it will revolve once you leave this planet. Hence, think about what are you revolving for! Earth, Universe, Other people, will take care of their business, you take care of yours”.

If you want to be famous, if you want that everyone loves you, then Leave Truthfulness aside, “Speak what the other person wants to hear”. The other person will love you, will consider you good. It doesn’t matter whether you are speaking the Truth or not!! What matters is, “What the other person wants to hear, whether you are speaking that or not”!

So, on the path of Sadhana, you please decide what is more important to you :

a) Everyone loves you, and speaks good about you.


b) Keeping your mind serene, being truthful in speech, sentiments and conduct, You keep moving forward on your path. 

You can speak well about others, but there is no need for “False Appreciation”. But, if you don’t have anything good to speak about others, then no need to speak bad either! It is not necessary to say, “You are worthless!”. You won’t gain anything from it. 

A person who has made his/her mind serene (compassionate), then the seat of God has been placed. Now, the arrival of God is only a matter of time. It can happen anytime, basically. At any moment, it can happen. 

So, being Truthful is “Cleaning the mind, and making it ready”. Making the mind serene, is “Placing an Asana (Seat) on it”. The third pillar, which we will get to later, is “Calling God”. And finally the fourth is, “The arrival of God”.

So, two of the pillars, I have told. Next pillar, next week. This was all for today. Today, I didn’t tell you any joke to laugh at. Go and stand in front of a mirror, you will have a good laugh! 

Thank you very much, everybody.

Thus ends the second discourse of Swamiji, on the Attainment of Siddhis.