DISCOURSE – 3 (March 23, 2021)

Because the activity of bowing your head down, must be done only in Bhakti (Devotion/Surrender), only in Worship.

20:26 – 28:52: If you are bowing your head down in Ego, or if you bow down because of that wrong doing, or because of that bad thought, or because of that bad word, because of which, we won’t be able to fight God, then what use does it have? Your eyes should be bent only in Humility. Your head should be bowed only in Bhakti. So, the basis for my Sadhana (Spiritual Practice) was that : आप या तो मुझे बता दो कहाँ मैंने गलत किया है, या आप सामने आ जाओ। यदि दोनों में से कुछ नहीं, तो कुछ अंतराल के बाद मैं तो यही मानूंगा कि आप हो ही नहीं। कि मात्र मनुष्य का बनाया हुआ एक भ्रम हो, जो कि समाज ने बना दिया, स्वयं को सांत्वना देने के लिए। (Either you tell me where I did wrong, or you show up. If neither happen, then after some time, I will assume that You don’t exist. That, you are just a man-made illusion created by society, to console themselves).

Had I done bad things, or said bad words about my Guru, or found out flaws in my food (as if it wasn’t God, rather it was just something to fill my stomach with), by staying at the Guru place, or in my life, then you only tell : Could I have fought with Ma Jagdamba (Mother Divine)? Could I have said to her that tell me, where do I lack in terms of Karma? What would have been the basis of God-Realisation, then?

And, when the Sadhya herself has come to you, then what to speak of Siddhis? Siddhis become of very tiny importance then. Because, Siddhis are neither used for the betterment of Yourself, nor for the betterment of Society. Very few times. Siddhis are used for the fulfillment of  someone’s desires, or to impress someone, both of which are useless. 

I had told you a story some time back. When Bheeshma Pitamah was lying on the bed of arrows, Dharmaraj Yuddhishthir said to him, “O Pitamah (Grandfather), please give me some knowledge. You are the best of the bests”. So Bheeshma Pitamah started giving him knowledge, that “A king should never move off his path. The people of your state are even more important than your family”. He was telling like this, suddenly Droupadi giggled! When Droupadi laughed, pin drop silence occurred there. Bheeshma Pitamah says, “Daughter, why did you laugh?”. She replied, “Nothing important, you please continue”. Bheeshma said, “No, you are the daughter-in-law of this kingdom, you won’t laugh for nothing! There has to be a reason for your laughter”. So Droupadi said, “Pitamah, please excuse me, but when I was being disrobed, then at that time, where did this knowledge go? At that time, nobody talked of being Righteous, nobody talked of doing your rightful duty! At that time, those people closed their eyes. You only tell me what was my fault, when I was facing injustice. Had my husband told me to come to the crowded palace, then I would have surely come. When amongst so many people, I was being mercilessly disrobed, where did this Knowledge, this Dharma of yours, go?”. So, Pitamah said, “Daughter, you are speaking the Truth. At that time, my intellect was corrupted, as I was eating Duryodhana’s food. But now, because of Arjuna’s incisive arrows, that polluted blood has come off. Hence now, I am able to think correctly, and speak correctly.”

When we eat food prepared by someone, then somewhere or the other, that person’s influence is there in the food. And this is the reason why, at majority of religious places, people are not allowed to enter the temple’s kitchen. Because, it is not right for them to visit it. Why do they visit it? So that, the person gets to prepare the food according to his/her wish. There cannot be any other reason. This won’t happen that the person says, “There are a lot of utensils, let me wash!” (Laughter). I don’t think this would happen. Everyone wants to go the Temple’s Kitchen thinking, “I don’t like this. Let me get this prepared right”. This is a grievous sin! All the good temples, why do they cover the food before offering it to the Lord? There must have been some reason. The scholars and sages must have thought something about this, isn’t it? They thought, “The food that is being offered to the Lord, if we don’t cover it, then someone may think – This is not looking good! Or – Let me take something from this, I am feeling hungry”. Anything is possible.

In that respect, humans are worse than animals. If you give any animal something to eat, they will eat immediately. Very rarely will they oppose, if he/she is a pet, then maybe. Humans can’t even do that! 

Go, and prepare food according to yourself, but in your Kitchen, in your sentiments. The kitchen of a religious place, I was about to say battlefield of a religious place! Sometimes, it becomes a battlefield only! (Laughter). So, in the kitchen of a religious place, if someone is preparing food and you go and tell him/her, “Don’t do it like this. Make like this”. If you don’t like it, then skip the meal! The next time you’ll get food, it will automatically feel very delicious!

Anyways, I wanted to say : जब मनुष्य भोजन को यज्ञ के भाँती ग्रहण करता है, तो न केवल उसकी त्रिकाल संध्या हो रही है, उसका पोषण हो रहा है, उसके अंदर जो पदार्थ जा रहा है, वो दिव्य है। (When a person accepts food as if they are doing Yagya (Sacrifice), then not only are his/her Three-time prayers being completed, he/she is being nourished, also, the substance that is going inside him/her is Divine).

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