DISCOURSE – 1 (March 09, 2021)

And for those, who have reached very high spiritual standards, for them, there’s another aspect. That is “The courage to hear the Truth”.

37:16 – 40:30 : If a person gets moved as soon as he/she hears the Truth, whether that is related to Dharma, or related to any person, he/she is seated far away from Siddhis. His/Her Bhakti (Devotion) is so weak, that he/she doesn’t have full faith in the divine, or on his/her Dharma. If he/she gets to know that Truth which is unfavourable/opposite to his/her beliefs, then he/she gets completely moved

Because, a person who is Satyanisht (Truthful), not only can he/she speak the Truth, but he/she can very well “hear” the Truth as well. If you tell that person, “You are wrong”, then that won’t mean that he/she makes you his/her enemy. In reality, this is what happens in society. What you want to hear, if the person in front says that, you think “Wow, how good he/she is!! He/She has changed! How good this person has become!! His/Her intellect has developed so much, that now this person is able to see how learned I am!!”. Whereas, if the same person says, “You are very bad, or you are a waste! You are of no use”, you think “How much changed he/she has become!! How horrible this person has become! I don’t know how come, in whose company has he/she come into, this person used to be a goose, and now he/she has become a crow!!”. This is what happens, isn’t it? The person who speaks good about us, we regard them as “good”. So, if you want to speak well of everybody, the only way is to “Speak Less”. Because, there are many who feel sad if you appreciate others! They go around with their weigher, “How much good did this person say about me? 100 grams.. What about others? 120 grams!! This is not right!! Huh! Now, let me go back and take 100 grams more of praises about me.” Such people think “I should be the only one who should be praised”.

And then, there are those, who take hammer instead of a weigher! “As soon as this person speaks good of me, that’s it, The End. Now, there is no need to appreciate any other person. Because, if that happens, then “my” goodness won’t sound that good! Whereas, in reality, I am the only one to grace this planet!! Who else is like me!!”. 

आढ्योऽभिजनवानस्मि कोऽन्योऽस्ति सदृशो मया |

āḍhyo ’bhijanavān asmi ko ’nyo ’sti sadṛiśho mayā

I am wealthy and I have highly placed relatives. Who else is equal to me?

– Bhagavad Gita Chapter 16, Verse 15

Who else is like me? Lord has said that such people belong to the “Asuric (Demoniac)” class (Laughter). They live their lives in such a belief that “I am the best!”. And this, what to speak of being Satyanisht (Truthful), this is something else altogether!! This is “Ahamnisht (Narcissist)” (Laughter). He/She is well established in his/her false ego. Such a person doesn’t even have to acquire Siddhis, he/she is already Siddha!!! (Laughter) Because, deep down, he/she firmly thinks “I am Siddha already!! I can do whatever I want!”. If a person can do everything from before, how will you teach such a person!!

40:31 – 42:47 : So, the first pillar (I won’t call it a step, rather it’s a pillar. Whenever this pillar shakes, Siddhi shakes. When this pillar is very firm, Siddhi is firm.) of acquiring Siddhis, is “Satyanisht(Being Truthful)”. No matter if it’s Vaak-Siddhi (Whatever you say, Nature would definitely do it. She would do it on her own terms, but she will do it.), or whether it is knowing what is going on in the other person’s mind, or Doordarshan (clairvoyance), Doorshravan (clairaudience), or that Siddhi in which you can Heal the other person (mentally/physically). For example, let’s suppose if nature has to take some person today, then you can “delay” their deaths (for 2 years, or 3 years or whatever).

And, there’s another astonishing thing to know, The person on which you are using your Siddhi, if that person has those signs (of being Satyanisht/Truthful), then the Siddhi would have much better/longer effect! Just like, there’s a huge difference in making a rusted utensil shine, versus, making a dirty utensil shine (the latter is much easier). You cleaned the electric wires, and you made electricity pass through it, but if it’s getting rusted, then what can you do at all? 

And, this is a major reason why, if a Siddha heals a person, and this person doesn’t change his/her lifestyle, then even after the use of a Siddhi, the person fails to reap the complete fruits! You are not able to deliver the boundless fruits of that Siddhi, to such a person. Because, this is that bucket, which has no bottom. You can keep on filling from the top, but it gets drained from bottom immediately.

42:48 – 46:20 : Actually, I thought of telling all the Four Pillars of Attainment of Siddhis today itself, but the time has arrived for my departure. So, next week, we’ll continue on this. I have my plans spread over the entire March!

But, I think that it will be a beautiful thing. It would be a very good thing, because, “If whatever I am telling you right now, if you can adopt it in your life, it is my promise to you that You Will Become A Siddha! These Siddhis won’t just remain in the books, they will become those which you will acquire in your hands, becoming fearless – 

निरातङ्को रङ्को विहरति चिरं कोटिकनकैः ।

Niraatangko Rangko Viharati Ciram Kotti-Kanakaih |

A Ranka (Poor and Miserable), becomes Niratanka (Free from Fear) forever, and moves about having obtained Million Gold (by Your Grace)

– Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram Verse 6.2

that you become what we call Rich in Siddhis, like becoming fearless as a King, you can walk in this society/world.” What do you think, what makes me absolutely Fearless in my personal life? I never bothered over whether someone is visiting this Ashram or not. Whether the expenses of the Ashram are taken care of, or not. Whether the road is being constructed or not, whether water is coming or not, whether electricity is there or not. “All of that will be taken care of by Shri Hari Bhagwan. I just have to walk on the path of Dharma, staying Satyanisht (Truthful), established in my feelings/emotions, working towards the betterment of the entire world. This is my only Dharma.” If we walk the path of Dharma – 

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः

dharmo rakṣati rakṣitaḥ

Those who protect Dharma, are protected by Dharma

– Manusmriti Verse 8.15

The person who protects Dharma, Dharma protects that person. Because Dharma can protect you only when You protect Dharma. So, for being fearless ie. You don’t have fear of anything, neither death, nor old age, nor diseases, nor from any person, nor of availability/unavailability of any object. And for that, it is “Absolutely Essential” that the person leads his/her life in a Truthful way.

Neither you have the responsibility of keeping everyone happy, nor this is expected from you by society. If you speak the Truth, then your words would carry such weight, that the person in front would know, “If this person is saying this, it must be the Truth. If he/she is praising me, then it has to be True”. Not like you keep telling others, “You are very special, you are great” etc etc.

So, the first pillar is practicing “Satya-Bhaav (True-Emotions)”, “Satya-Aacharan (True-Behaviour)” and “Satya-Vachan (True-Words)”, so that a person can lead a “True Life”, because in reality, there is no other austerity greater than this.

Thus ends the first discourse of Swamiji on the Attainment of Siddhis.

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