DISCOURSE – 2 (March 16, 2021)

04:44 – 08:46 :  Last week, we were talking about Siddhis. I had told you that there are four pillars of Siddhi. Often, we think that if we do some special Mantra Chanting/Japa, then we would attain some Siddhi. For example, it is said that, with the chanting of Maa (Mother) Saraswati’s mantra, or by chanting the Aditya-Hridaya Stotra, or by concentrating on Bhagwan Surya-Narayan, or by chanting his Mantra, a person attains Vak-Siddhi (whatever one speaks, will come true). Do you know the mystery behind this? Not that, by becoming a parrot and chanting the Mantra, you can attain Siddhi. The true meaning behind this is that, when a good Sadhak (Seeker) is chanting a Mantra, at that time, he/she wouldn’t be doing something else, ie. he/she wouldn’t be bringing thoughts into his/her mind, they wouldn’t be speaking anything, they wouldn’t be criticising anybody, they won’t be thinking bad about anybody. And, because of this, their minds would start concentrating properly.

But, thousands of years ago, Rishi-Munis (Sages) found out that a person who is chanting a Mantra, who has memorised the Mantra, often, is just speaking alone, without any concentration. The mind is continuously wandering here and there. And, if the mind is wandering here and there, then, from the point of view of Siddhis, Japa (Chanting) has no importance at all. From a behavioural point of view, maybe, it has some significance, as maybe, when that person is sitting in a group, then he/she wouldn’t criticise, wouldn’t be backbiting on anybody. Hence, those Sages came up with the concept of Satsang (Good/Spiritual Association). That, all the time, it is not possible to do good Mantra-chanting, hence, why not sit in such a company, where there is contemplation of Bhagwan (the Divine), or where there are good talks.

But, in this also, it was found that not all people enjoy this. They are more concerned over getting well-dressed, rather than grasping something useful. (Laughter). So, the Sages came up with the idea of Stotras (Hymns). They thought, “These wouldn’t get memorised easily, and while chanting, there would be some Bhaav (Emotions) too, and this is also not possible that the mind goes in a different direction when the chanting of Stotra is continuing.” For example, if you remember the Lalita Sahasranama, no matter how well you have memorised it, if you have to chant it, then your mind won’t wander. Because, if that happens, then the flow would break in the middle only.

But, the Sages also came to know that, if we keep on chanting a particular Mantra continuously, then just like if water keeps on dropping on a rock, then it has the potential of cutting the rock, similarly, for breaking some of the viewpoints/assumptions of mind, Japa (Chanting) is necessary. Then, they came up with Mala-Mantra (Bead-Chanting) for very long chanting, or putting letters in front of Mantras (like I have explained before), so that the mind doesn’t wander here and there.

08:47 – 11:47 : But, Why is it necessary to train the mind? The first pillar I had told you – Satya (Truth)Satya-Vachan (Truthful Words), Satya-Aacharan (Truthful Behaviour) and Satya-Bhaav (Truthful Emotions/Expressions). A person who ingrains these in his/her life, Most of the work is already done! Because this is the one which is most difficult.

A few days back, I was telling someone – Why does a person utter Lies? Either when you want to hide something, or, when you want to impress somebody. Either there is something which exists, but is being made to hide, or, there is something which doesn’t exist, and it is being shown as if it exists. Both of these are Untrue, both of these are Lies. That is why Lord Mahavira said, “I won’t even wear clothes. I want to live a life of utter truth”. That is why the Naga Saints said, “We would live without clothes, we would live as Digambars (one without clothes)”. That, if we don’t have anything, then what is left to hide? What is left to impress someone with? 

And, a person is caught up very badly in this trap of “Impressing people”. That, “People should know me”, “Even if there are four people only, but if I sit amidst those four people, then they should consider me as someone special! Why? Because I am special!!” This is what most people believe. “If they consider me as special, then there’s nothing wrong with it, because I am Special!!” And remember, a huge amount of Energy is lost, and a tremendous destruction of Tapas (Austerity) takes place, if a person speaks a lie, or if he/she behaves falsely, or if he/she expresses falsely! The only difference between Satya(Truth) and Asatya(Falsehood) is the letter “A”. And from “A” only, we have Aham (False Ego). 

But, a lot of times, it happens that even if you are truthful in words, behaviour and expressions, still, you do not attain Siddhi!


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