This is my weightless journey…..

I sweat, I lift, I walk, I run
I am chasing life at 180 BPM

I now count protein, carbs and fat
Look at grains with wonder of a new born child

Hunger feels different and the water is sweet
My taste buds are being rewired
My body hurts on most days
Sleep is scattered like coloured marbles

I have been running all my life
From everything dark and damp
Hiding from the rain
Trying to find life in vanilla frosting of a chocolate cake
Or soothing my soul with a cheesy margarita pizza
I went all the way to the basement looking for sugar
Only to realize all jars were empty

Now a days you will find me sipping water
Eating egg whites
Drinking almond milk
Playing with my cat
Reading a book
Hugging kittens

Its time now to hit the gym
I pack my bag
Grab an apple
But where are my shoes?

I panic
My habit is fluid, not yet cast in stone
What if I falter?
I look for shoes again
Only to find that
My cat is sleeping on them!