IF it is during the darkest moments that we must focus to see the light-Aristotle.

A word which has been seen with a negative outlook more than a positive one. Often we can hear people speaking about others behind their back and complaining about their attitude. But seldom we analyse the nature and type of attitude that that person carries.

These can be divided into three parts

1.      Positive

2.      Negative and

3.      Fake

Positive: When the attitude is positive it shows in the words, actions, eyes and body language of an individual. A positive attitude is a must for the people of every age to make them face problems one on one and not just shy way. It gives them the courage to be true leaders and not just bosses.

Negative: When the confidence level is low, you can’t perform and the best you can do is shout, yell and push other people. Underestimating others and considering “ you know all” attitude is a dangerous one. Where it can lead you to confrontation and arguments. As a famous quote says,” You can win an argument but loose a person.” Wining is a good habit but on cost of losing relationships is can be bad. Trust me personal experience.

Fake: this one is the deadliest and a lot of us are living on the edge due to this one. We are the masters of these and once in a while we all fall victim to these.

If you are frustrated, angry or occupied with other thoughts and as a result you flush out your emotions without being mindful, then it is a problem.  It can break your relations, it can break your connections and it can lead you to the cliff or a point of no return.

Thus, attitude is the biggest weapon in one’s arsenal, because the way you handle a situation will definitely make you realise what your potential is and this can be the light at the end of the longest and darkest tunnel you cross in your life. And this is the reason why we live and fight because of the hope we have But do remember the light at the end of the tunnel could be a flash light, but for sure if you keep walking with a lot of faith& trust you will definitely reach the other end, where you will stand tall with pride.