The title that I have chosen is no new. Something which is accepted and known for a long time. Many stories we have heard of people who overcame their looks with the attitude they kept throughout their journey. The attitude is made by the duties we perform and the deeds we do. I highly believe we all have come across some sayings that keep your attitude high, be confident, do not fear to lose anything and never let the zone of missing out trouble you. Many say never make yourself too much available for anyone or else you will be taken as granted. 

What I personally believe, attitude must be based on your actions as mentioned above. You commit your to your work, attitude automatically builds up, when you commit yourself to your purposes attitude automatically builds up. 

In this world of so many web series, I believe many of must have seen many shows that are telecasted by many OTT platforms. And you all must have heard of shows such like Suits, peaky blinders ec cetera. The protagonists played especially in these two taken a print on almost every viewer they have had by far. Suits is basically based on a law firm whose managing partner named Harvey Sepecter took the entire limelight away. Harvey spectra is casted as New York times best lawyer and the perfect closure of all time. The respect he holds in the entire show is an epitome of attitude. Another show I mentioned was peaky blinders based on a criminal gang of Birmingham around a century ago. Where the plot is based just after the first world War, razor gang who took the hegemony over the place named small heath in Birmingham. The progonist and the leader of the gang Thomas shelby takes the attention, and thus becomes the most attractive person of the generation. In the both the shows every season starts with a trouble, where Harvey gets to deal with a lawsuit and Thomas gets to deal with a opposition gang. The season always ends in suspense or either in their favor. The things which is supposed to be learned here is their attitude kept throughout. Albeit the fact they are just fictional characters but I personally believe we must have come across such personality atleast once in your real life. And deep down somewhere we all want to keep such attitude for such situation. 

There are even countless shows in different OTT platforms, especially many series based on high school dramas where there are many guys with macho looks and shredded body that too look good but just till the season ends. Erstwhile I have mentioned 2 characters such but there are many like Thomas and Harvey in many shows. They both don’t have  extraordinary height, looks or physique but what actually attracts them is solely their attitude. Attitude towards duties, attitude of dominating, and attitude of taking the charge. And at last the attitude of being a man, and a man looks attractive, over any good looking guy, now and always. Being a man comes with an attitude of taking the accountability, no matter how worse situation gets, a man and a lady never back off which make them attractive, not with the passing ages. I have seen men and ladies of age below 15 and guys above 40. In the end of the day this what counts, what you did, how you did and the way you did. 

They despise to stay in momentary pleasures, and pursue long term goals. Things around them do not provoke to work accordingly, and mind stays in control even at while undergoing harsh times. Showing courage is what counts always, and taking precise actions adds icing. 

Lastly, be Humble. Never go after the attitude, but manage your actions. Once your actions are managed purposes are prioritized, your attitude will be driven accordingly. Be original, stay real, though have some role models in real life but don’t try to walk past their attitude. The power of right attitude is shown by the right deed. Right attitude is when someone actually needs you, you provide your service, not when they are passing time like any other day. Right purposes will make your value available to the world not you in person!