Pranams to one and all.

In this write-up/speech (here), I would like to dwell upon the following: Games, Current Life, and Leela. Before venturing into this topic, I would like to invoke Goddess Kamakshi, and my gurus Sri Sathya Sai and Om Swami.

1. Games

Most people like to play sports. It could be a variety. But one thing, while playing games, people don’t give thought to the result. They repeatedly play, even if they lose. If played for fun, there is no commitment. There is only enjoyment. Mostly, it is stress-free. For Example, even professional cricket players don’t get penalized for losing one match. The main intention is to win, but they get paid irrespective of winning or losing the game.

2. Current Life

In real-life situations, no individual likes to lose. Their goal is only winning. Our entire energy gets invested to achieve wins. That is where people get caught and move into the stress zone. In business, investment is only for profit. There they can’t handle any loss. Even in relationships, we get caught in competition. We get stressed if there is a confrontation. We all become sad and depressed. If one individual loses their peace of mind, it disturbs others too.

3. Leela

Most problems in life are due to delusion. We forget our purpose in life. To overcome this, Hindus recommend practicing Dharma right from childhood. The lives of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama were examples.

  • In Kurukshetra, we can observe that Lord Krishna was not fighting the war for himself. He did it to sustain Dharma. He let the universe function and do its Leela.
  • In Ramayana, Lord Rama went through an arduous life. He demonstrated how to adhere to our principles. That was to show us the life of Sanatana Dharma. That is Leela.

Citing a few more examples of Leela:

  • A Mango tree produces fruits, but it doesn’t bother whether it is used or wasted. Again, it bears fruits the next season. It is the tree’s Dharma to produce fruits.
  • A rose flower just blossoms. It doesn’t bother if the flower gets crushed or used for decorating a God. That is the flower’s Dharma.

Similarly, every creature in this Universe accepts its role. It’s only human beings, who forget to follow the Universal Law! They start performing every action for gain. Unknowingly, they fall into Maya and leave the world full of dissatisfaction. The essence of Divine teaching is: Perform your given role in this Universe and accept everything as Prasad or the Divine’s Leela.

If we all change our attitude, we can live peacefully and leave peacefully!

Please see the audio version of this post here. Also, Thanks to my daughter (@srideviom) for the English language corrections.

Om Kamatchi Namaha!

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