As I have read this story in many books and also spoken by many guru’s including Osho, 

It’s a very interesting story about prayer and faith vs Tradition.

Once upon a time there is three monk in Russia setting up their Hut on hill beside the river and doing their sadhana peacefully as time goes people started to visited them and got fulfilled their desire by prayer of monks so this news spread like air and day by day hundred and hundred peoples started to visiting them instead of Church, this message goes to head priest of the Church that less people visited to church and they goes to visit that three monk,

So priest get worried and decide to visit the monks so he reached at the monks hut and ask them ‘why are you misguiding the people why are you calling him to visit you?’,

One of them monk replied ‘ We are not calling anybody even though we want loneliness if you can do something than please help us into get rid of this crowed.’

Than priest said but ‘what are you doing that people started to visiting you.’

Monk replied ‘ We are doing nothing we just pray for him if somebody came with their problem’

Priest said ‘ which prayer you do for them from bible?’

Monk said ‘From Bible we never read the Bible because we are illiterate.’

Priest laugh and say you even not read the bible than How can you get prayer as authenticated prayer,

prayer must be authenticated and it must be from Bible.

Priest ask ‘ Tell me What prayer you do ?’

Monk replied ‘ as we know God Have three Swaroop Three Guna so we just prayed ‘You are Three We are three mercy on us‘.

Priest laugh more and say ‘ is it a prayer?

Monk say ‘ Than please you taught us the authenticated prayer from Bible.’

Than priest taught him authenticated  prayer from Bible and take a leave.

As priest stared their journey and crossing the river in their boat he heard that somebody is shouting him as he stopped his boat in middle of river and turned around he saw that one monk is coming to him by running on water, priest eyes stopped blinking that how can anybody walk on water,

In time Monk reached to him and said

‘ Can you please repeat your prayer one more time because it’s very long so we forgot starting of prayer’

Now priest have no word he replied him ‘My dear, even I have no such faith on God that I can walk on water, your faith and prayer is more powerful than mine, even from today I will also do your prayer, You don’t need anything from me because your prayer is heard by God him self so it is very Authenticated than anything else.’

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