An old poem…


When you had faced the hardest time,

I told you to keep your faith alive.

When you had cried in front of me,

I told you ‘it will pass’.

When you had dropped your knees

I told you God had planned it all.


Then time passed;

You realised HIS plan and all.

After so many years

Thanks to God!

You are joyful again and well-settled;

Hopefully, the storm has passed!


Now I am here in my dropped knees,

I am crying in my hardest time.

My own advices seem illogical.


When I was in my happy space,

Supported from all sides,

I gave you advise.


And now when I am in your old slippers,

I am realising the pain you had gone through.


But oh dear Adversity!

Thank you for all.

I have seen you play,

I have seen it all.

You hurt, you burn,

But to make an awakening call.


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