Man’s Inner self is

Always ruffling inside….

It keeps on thinking,

It keeps on shifting,

It keeps on buzzing around,

It keeps on wandering,

It keeps on roaming here and there

It has no peace inside…

When peace is not there in one’s soul

It is obvious that it will keep on wondering

And will never be silent, tranquil and

Serene inside…

One can awaken ones inner self

By nurturing one’s mind & Soul

With beautiful and positive thoughts

By reading holy and spiritual texts 

And feed oneself with good values…

As we nurture seeds to sprout out

Which in return gives us food to eat

The same way

We shall nurture our

Mind body and soul

To enhance our thinking process

Which in return reap positive results..

One should meditate to awaken

One’s inner self

It helps you to look into ones’ soul

It is the best way to achieve inner peace

Tranquility and serenity

Is the most finest way to purify

Heart and soul

Become quiet and calm inside

And leads glorious to awakening of inner self

Once awakened in inner self

One will feel being close to God

And become humbler & subtler inside

Making heart a peaceful paradise.

Jai Sri Hari 🙏🌸


~Neelam Om