I have wandered many a day, through this deep and dark forest
walking endlessly towards a destination long forgotten
In the forest where the eternal night prevails my true path lay veiled
in the abyss of darkness my eyes though open remained closed
for who can fathom the moral of a story untold

I felt despair, dred and darkness envelope me
like a shrowd of sorrow for all eternity
in agony I wept for many a night
alone in the forest which knew no light

how could I find my way out when my eyes dont even see
for my path still lays veiled before me
It was then that I heard a voice calling out to me
” my child you shall weep no more for I have come for thee
follow my voice which echoes in your heart
and the darknes that surrounds you will for certain depart”

the truth then dawned on me radiant like a billion suns
tore the darkenss apart to kingdom come

atlast at last my eyes began to see 
for now my path lay fully revealed before me
Oh what joy, oh what peace,  my heart wept in bliss
for the sun rose again beyond the mist

in the light I beheld a sight that cannot be described
for the beauty of the forest stretched beyond the reaches of mortal sight

It was then that I then realized what wisdom was
for the forest had always been beautiful
it was only me who had been blind


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