Wishing our os.me family, a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year 2023 and also would like to apologize for the delay in writing this monthly round up post on Ayurveda.  Ayurveda is not just Indian system of medicine, but the way of life..

“Brahmasmuthvassyusho vedam prajapatimajigrahat l

soashwinou thou sahasraksham sotriputraadikanmunin ll

tegniveshandikanste tu prutak tantrani tenire l”

Our creator Lord Brahma who first propagated the knowledge of Ayurveda to Daksha Prajapati from him the knowledge was descended on to Divine healers Ashwini Kumaras, from Ashwini kumaras to Devraj Indra, he taught  Rishi Atreya Punarvasu and many other Rishis, who then taught Rishi Agnivesha, Rishi Bheda, Rishi Jatukarna, Rishi Parashara, Rishi Harita, Rishi Ksharapani, these Rishis further composed books that included elaborate details of our Ayurveda Shastra. Ayurveda is in existence since time immemorial, it is time we go back to our roots. 

While I have shared many posts on Ayurveda in the past, there are some of our wonderful os.me members who have shared their knowledge about our ancient science. I would like to include a few here(including the one our beloved Swamiji has written). 

A Short Introduction to Ayurveda-  

Vanessa D writes almost everything about Ayurveda in a nutshell. Excellent write up, explaining about principles of doshas. The tridosha siddhanta about our three basic bodily elements Vata(Air), Pitta(Fire), Kapha(Water), and its characteristics.  She also writes about Ayurvedic diet for each of the doshas and the kind of exercises that one should include in their daily routine as per their body constitution!! She also has included some basic yogic kriyas and Ayurvedic formulations that definitely can be included by every individual for a healthy life.

Benefits of Ayush system of Medicines

Sanjeev G writes about his experience with incorporating Ayurvedic lifestyle changes as advised by his Grandfather a Unani Practitioner and received remarkable results! He further writes that Ayurveda when included as part of our daily routine at home is a cost effective way of treating our ailments.

The magic of Ayurveda

Nalin explains how he was troubled by recurrent ENT issues, fever and earache that  also affected his studies and general wellbeing. Popped antibiotics each time he was down with recurrent tonsillitis issue and that the reports also indicated presence of rare bacteria in his tonsils and was advised surgery!!He goes on to write  how he was able to cure his recurrent tonsillitis with simple home remedies with turmeric, curry leaves powder and few Ayurvedic syrups, suggested by an Ayurveda doctor that he consulted, healed his tonsillitis completely without having to get it operated!!

Depression definition cause and cure

I do not have any expertise or ability to summarize our Swamiji’s post on depression. But, this post is a need of an hour for many suffering from depression in current day and age. I haven’t come across any other detailed explanation about Depression as is in this post by our Swamiji. He has given in depth explanation about what is depression, its characteristics as seen in a person suffering from Depression, about our psychic imprints, layers composing our body the Sthula, Sukshma and Karana Sharira, Panchakosha theory and how our body operates with Vata dosha and its subtypes, the Saptadhatus that form our Physical body, 5 states of consciousness constituting our subtle body and our Soul is responsible for our consciousness and bodily existence. He has also elaborately written about life cycle of the disease, its causes and varied degree of severity and types, followed by the cure for our Gross body(Physical), Subtle body(Consciousness) and Causal Body(Soul). Do yourself a favour, go ahead and read the post and you will find yourself gradually getting better each day!

Ayurveda says Raga, dvesha, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Matsara, Irsha are all manasika roga. All these manasika rogas arising from our mind, whose existence is in our gross body and since both co exists, the diseases of mind or mental health issues also affects our physical health, just like the hot  iron heats up the vessel in which it is kept similarly above mentioned manasika rogas affects our physical body too.

See you all again in the next post. Take care:)