Ever heard of celebrating mediocrity?

Here’s one viewpoint on why you should. 

Pick something in life that you are not doing a good job of. 
Say, staying apprised of daily news.
Give yourself a B+.
And be at peace with it.

Now, pick something else in life that you are not doing a good job of.
Say, staying in touch with friends.
Give yourself a B.
And be at peace with it as well.

Now, go on, pick something else.
Say running household chores.
Give yourself a B-.
Again, be at peace with it.

Keep going.  Now pick something else. 

A hobby.
A side hustle.
An unfinished blog post.
A semi-ok wardrobe.
That half-read book.
That unfinished conversation.
A class.
An assignment. 
A goal you may have set for yourself (weight loss anyone?)

Now, pick your grade again.

F (whoops)

And celebrate all these grades, all over again.

Why so?

Because by revelling in such mediocrity, we acknowledge our finite energy – the notion that all we have is 24 hours/day.

And at the heart of celebrating mediocrity in many aspects of our life – and some seemingly important ones – is the space we concede to our being – to run with that one thing.

That one thing that truly matters. The one thing that truly drives us. The one thing that we truly and deeply care about.

That one thing which warrants substantive action, and that calls for our being to be one with it. 

That one thing – and perhaps the only thing, where the grade worth aspiring for is:

An unequivocal A+.