First of all, my warm greetings to everyone!

It is my first time on this platform, which is a privilege in itself, and I am very excited to be a part of this community. Well, I am not here to write a post because, until now, I have been terrible at expressing myself through words, though I do dream of writing something good someday. But, as of now, I have chosen the language of music.

I am sharing with you a Meerabai’s bhajan today in remembrance of Lord Krishna. It is a humble attempt to rearrange the beautiful composition of Pt. Ravi Shankar, originally sung by Smt. Vani Jairam. I offer it at the lotus feet of Our Prabhu, the Lord Himself! 🙂

To listen, please click on the link below

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YouTube video

Song credits: 

Music Arrangement and Recording – Omkar Gurav

Recorded at Deep Kick Studios

Here are the song lyrics:

बाला मैं बैरागन हूंगी – २
जिन भेषा मेरो साहब रीझे
सोहि भेष धरूंगी
बाला मैं बैरागन हूंगी

कहो तो कुसुमल साड़ी रंगावा
कहो तो भगवा भेष
कहो तो मोतियन मांग भरावा
कहो छिटकावा केश
बाला मैं बैरागन हूंगी

प्राण हमारा वहाँ बसत है
यहाँ तो खाली खोड़
मात पिता परिवार सहूँ है
कही ये तिनका तोड़
बाला मैं बैरागन हूंगी

(स्वर – वाणी जयराम
संगीत – पंडित रवि शंकर

शब्द – मीरा बाई
फिल्म – मीरा बाई)