Journey if shared at os. me become a wonderful memory lasting for years to come.

How I have gained back a healthy nose and sinuses, is something worth sharing. So here I go.

My sinuses never ever worked normal since I can recall. With time they got worse. Almost every 3-4 months I used to have URI (Upper Respiratory Infection), hence a full course of  antibiotics,  as also off from office, being totally out of gear. Along with me, my office and family also used to bear the brunt of my going into OFF mode.  I used to have running nose, sneezing, throat and chest pain, for days together. 

Frequent use of antibiotics was making my system resistant to them.  As also the extreme weather conditions in Delhi. If Outside was 40 degree Celsius, inside office it would be 16 degree. Being centrally air-conditioned, I never had any option but to face the change of temperature. During winters also the same problem while outside you face chilly winds, inside was central heating. So, it wasn’t easy to escape from the effects of sudden change of temperature.

By and by, as I started taking baby steps towards Naturopathy, and Dadi ke nuskhe, (home remedies) and very small small changes in life style, I am amazed to see how far I have come. 😊

I became mindful as follows :

——    Avoiding sudden change of temperature, as much as possible.

—–  Complete No to refrigerated water, drinks.

—   Almost total avoidance of A. C.

—   A bit of pranayaam, and deep breathing here and there.

—-  Occasional consumption of chyavanprash ( an ayurvedic mix of herbs, shrubs..).

—  On the onset of URI, immediately starting to take steam at least 3 times a day, for a minimum of 25-30 minutes.

The best part was :

—-   A lot of GRACE FROM GOD in the form of gifting me voluntary retirement from my job which put an end to facing that situation of sudden change of temperature on daily basis.

Now its on very rare occasions that I go out of gear completely.  Steam, chyavanpraash, deep breathing and a total avoidance of cold water and home air conditioner are my saviours. Also I remain extra conscious while travelling. So my sinuses, nose, throat, chest – all are happy now and enjoying The WriteChoice at os. dot. me  along with me

The  best of best part of my journey is – No forceful, determined, efforts on my part. Its a blend of very casual  attitude endowed with A LOT OF GRACE. I have always relied more on God than my abilities. 🤗 A weak point from many angles, but working wonders for me.

And the journey continues…..

Jai Shri Hari 🌹ॐ swami 🌹