O Mother Divine
there’s no sleep in my eyes
it has lost its way
and is kneeling by your side
rejoicing in your love

The mind now wide awake
transfixed by your golden form
is desirous of your grace
the crescent on your crown
auspicious is your name

You O exquisite Goddess
bind my heart
clothed in yellow raiment
bedecked with jewels O Bagalamulkhi
You are resplendent as the Sun

In this crystalline hour
O wise Mother
of perfect stillness
and poise
you’ve stunned my senses

I stare at You wide eyed
not knowing why
why Mother why
have you entered my heart
on a whim

Supple are your limbs
graceful as a lioness
your skin like fire
your glowing eyes
a steady flame…

O sweet Goddess
something pulls me
to your mesmerising form
like a Mother calling out
to a lost forgotten child

You are a vision
O beautiful Mother
of Cupid lips
eyes like arrows
darting at me

I bow at your feet
a little confused
a little hypnotised
from where have you entered
my unsuspecting mind

O darling Goddess
of the turmeric sheen
You are loveliness personified
please accept my silliness
as I stare at you stupefied

In your delicate golden feet
I lie smitten till the end of time…

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