We all love good food, don’t we? And for most of us, the moment we hear the word biryani, even if our tummy is full, it triggers an instant desire to devour some delicious biryani. The delectable dish holds a special place in our hearts and in our tummies.

Biryani — the word conjures memories of the aroma that wafts right up your nostrils and straight to your taste buds and tummy. Yummy, savoury bites of delicious satisfying food nirvana.

But what makes biryani so special? The perfect biryani is the result of the right recipe with balanced ingredients and preparation. This entails the right vessel, the ideal blend of ingredients added at just the right moment, and cooked to perfection for the right amount of time, until the flavours merge into the perfect biryani.

The same holds true for entrepreneurs seeking to launch a start-up or aspiring young leaders who are interested in organisations that serve the public and the needy. So, whether you are aiming for leadership success in the corporate space or in public service, you need the right recipe with the appropriate balance of ingredients, time and effort in accordance with your principles and ideology.

While many espouse the need for speed – just do it and do it quickly. That kind of haste can easily lead to poor results. Young entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders must focus on the right recipe, which comprises the right team members at all levels as the essential ingredients. The right timing entails an organisation’s leader being prompt with keeping promises to their team or the general public, and within the organisation. The right balance involves both these components as part of the recipe for a successful start-up, not-for-profit, or any organisation that serves the public.

If balance is lacking in this scenario, then you have a recipe for a complete disaster.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and young leaders must understand that success rests on their team, not just them alone. So aside from picking the right team members, every team member must be appreciated for their efforts in order for them to do their very best. An unbalanced situation where some employees or organisation members work hard with no recognition, while others do very little and face no consequences is poor practice, and will most certainly have a negative impact down the line. Ensure proper recognition and appreciation to motivate your team to do their utmost for the organisation, whether it is a start-up or dedicated to serving the public and the needy.

If you proceed carelessly without the right recipe, and you don’t carefully think over your choices, then no amount of last minute dabbling can remedy the situation. It is rather like trying to sprinkle spices after the biryani has been cooked. It’s too late and all that you will get is a bitter taste for your efforts.

The same is true for aspiring leaders on the verge of launching a start-up or running a public service organisation. You must craft a plan for action that ties into your values and principles, and follow a well-balanced recipe with the right mix of ingredients, time and effort for a successful result. You must ensure a balanced approach to how team members are treated so that no one feels they are getting an unfair hand.

Above all, aim for consistency. Practice makes perfect, so whether your goal is becoming a biryani expert or launching a successful start-up or making a difference in serving the public, you must seek consistency at every stage.

Learn the fine art of the right recipe that matches your goals and you won’t go wrong.

On that note, I hope this article leaves you with some food for thought and it’s time to head for a bite of biryani.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels