A big and warm hello to the people of this blessed community. I am Shekhar Patnaik, and this is just an introductory post regarding some upcoming perceptions and material facts that would prevail a count in your time. Perhaps I have joined this platform quite a while ago, and haven’t posted anything so far for which I put my most apologies. There has been an article or say insight in my head of long-standing that I have been working upon. Keeping it real which still isn’t done and dusted yet😅. But when posted you find it obvious yet mean to be kept.

About me, I am just a 20-year college-going kid who hasn’t seen enough in life but yet in the head have gone through a considerable lot. The learnings that I have taken so far still took time to be implemented in my life, over which I have a bunch of posts to post. Somewhere in between watching my desires die, I kept on making the same lapses and fallacies that initially give me the dopamine spike and later making me fall into the black hole of anxieties. Now keeping the synapses of upcoming aside, I have hobbies that would subsist the reader to get in habitual understanding with their daily routine. I like weight lifting. And my interest in this particular sport has taught me a lot. You might doubt when any day you find me in irregular that if this boy even lifts but yes when upper half goes off, people start asking me how I did it 😅 yes I am good at modesty too. Other than lifting, I am into writing and so do in speaking. Delivering stuff has always been my most satisfying moments, this way or the other teaching what I know makes me feel fulfilled.

So that’s that. The very next post shall be posted within this week. Do read. Receiving your replies and so quips 😅 would be an at most honour. 

Thanking you for your valuable time