Just a few days back, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine. She has been looking after her father who has been ill, and to top it off, every situation seemed to be overwhelming her. So she was exhausted and mentally tired.

 I told her, “Can you go do something which is absolutely frivolous and purposeless.” She laughed, but asked me to clarify what I meant exactly. “I engage in useless activities and it fixes me, works wonders,” I told her.

So she clarified again, “You mean listen/watch good movies or talks?” I emphatically said, “NO! Talks that are inspiring or good content needs a lot of self engagement. Don’t listen to anyone. Just go watch a trashy movie. See how useless you can become.”

Yeah, I am serious, all the time we are engaged in work or even self improvement or maybe even enlightenment. There is so much purpose even when we are not thinking about purpose. Sometimes you need to indulge in wasteful activities. And please don’t get me wrong, I do not mean go sit and gossip or go do drugs, that’s not what I mean. But just do things randomly. Like a no brainer. The following are my favourite to do things when I need to bounce back.

  • Watch a dumb show or movie, maybe even binge watch for a few days. 
  • Actually indulge in a glass of vodka.( Just a disclaimer neither am I am alcoholic, nor do I roll on the flor drunk)
  •  Read a book that I would normally never pick up to read, like a magazine that only shares fashion tips. (Nothing wrong with fashion)
  • Read old comic books
  • Leave comments on random Youtube videos which I will never go back to watch. (Nothing derogatory)
  • Learn how to play a song which I will normally never play/listen to ( maybe ever play in my life again) but I will learn it all the same
  • Text people who I usually just message over the New year just to say hi. It’s very destressing because you don’t need to make meaningful conversation with them. 
  • Buy good stationary which I will use maybe never.
  • Sharpen all my pencils and keep them neatly.

That’s pretty much it and after a few days I am ready to indulge in a better me and listen to meaningful talks, engage with people, and cope with life around. Everyone will have a different set of frivolous activity that will suit them best. Let me know if you have any. But I can assure you being useless is great.

After all do you think God had a purpose with this universe? Yet, it was created.