Don’t be greedy or be happy with what you have. This relates to one point, which is to be happy with what you have. Most people are greedy for food, which leads to diseases, as we know. We try and leave. 

This is an experience which I thought I should expect a lot or want a lot of because there will be so much that you can’t hundle.

It so happened that I used to attend my traditional piano classes. I mostly like to do things fast, and traditional is all about playing fast. I used it to complete the notes. A bunch of notes is called a “raag.” I have to do many rags, so I will complete the raags and ask Sir for many more. And finally, I completed 9 rags. Sir decided to test me out. 

I had to play them all rags without seeing the book. My sir would ask me any of them and I had to play them. I practiced. It was very hard. Then I thought to myself, “I do not expect much more.”

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