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Showering is an important ritual of our dinacharya. It cleanses our body, but it also provides clarity to the mind. A little something that I have made:

Step 1: Ensure that every task has been tackled and no disturbances as such for at least  half an hour. You want quality time for meditation. 

Step 2: Take slow and deliberate deep breaths to centre your mood and attention.

Step 3: Put calm and relaxing music on the speaker. It should not be loud. Volume and music alike should be soft. Classical music is always a good choice. No songs, because lyrics will be distractive. 

Step 4: Step into the shower and be present in the moment. Feel the knob of the tap, release a gentle stream of warm or cold water as per your preference. 

Step 5: Feel the water cascade over your head. Gently massage your head and temples. Indulge in your favorite shampoo. Lather your head lightly.

Step 6: Breathe in gently with the aromatherapy experience. 

Step 7: Let your neck and shoulder relax. Use your favorite soap or shower gel. Knead your back muscles (if that is possible for you), arms and legs. Feel and visualise tension leaving your body. 

Step 8: Let the stream of water wash away all the soap, your stress, your worries and bad memories.

Step 9: Close the tap. Remain like this for 1 minute and do some deep breathing. Feel the sensation of being drenched. 

Step 10: Open your eyes and pat dry gently. Don’t be rough on yourself. 

Will you try? My favorite is aromatherapy all the way. I don’t know why I have a penchant for Citrus and lemongrass fragrance. It makes me feel fresh. 

Photo Credits: Unsplash 

😇Hari Om😇