Why do we do anything? Have you asked yourself this question? Most of us run through life with our daily routine which becomes so monotonous that we end up looking for means to break the monotony. We all find ways to break the monotony — some negative and some positive. The thing is that the positive acts to break the monotony can happen only sometimes during the year because none of us can find time regularly to go out and do what we love because of our job and business commitments!

If we learn to do all our day-to-day activity with complete mindful awareness, being conscious of every act, word, taste, smell that we take, we will learn to start living in the moment. Our daily activity should give meaning to our lives — they could be the simplest of things, it does not matter what, just do it with awareness and find joy in its simplicity. Life is actually very simple; we just love to complicate things!

Asking ‘What is the meaning of life?’ sounds serious. Most people would find this question too complicated to warrant an easy response. The answer actually is not too difficult — the meaning of live is what makes you feel alive. Anything that gives you joy — dancing, sports, mountaineering, paragliding, walking in nature, writing, serving others — anything that makes you feel vibrant and alive. Facing life’s adversities full on and overcoming them with resolute courage and forbearance, stepping away from one’s comfort zone and exploring the unknown is what brings us real joy.

When we start exploring our inner world — we are stepping away from our comfort zone and moving into the unknown zone. With a realised Master as our guide, in time, with regular practice of meditation we start diving deep into our consciousness and start experiencing the divine — God lies within us — this becomes our reality. With this realisation, our daily mindful living gathers more meaning as we start feeling the vibrations in such activity and get inner guidance on whether our path is the right one or not.

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