I don’t think there is any another quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of Persistence, it overcome almost everything.



What’s our General tendency towards reaching our goals ? We impress with some personalities or some posts or someone’s achievements ,we start making some strong resolutions and plans to follow it and followed them enthusiastically but for some days and some times for hours and what comes afterwards ??  Boredom, and we skipped some sessions resulting in finishing all over in mid way. And what i observe we even don’t feel bad for this rather justify ourselves with our procrastinations like it was so hard, not fit for me, i have not time to follow this stupidity, and what in nutshell, “The grapes are sour…

Right ?

Is it really Right ? ?

There was a time i was also in that category of people. I started learning swimming with zealously and terminated in midway because of my fear. I started learning Guitar. Early sessions gone fine but at hard stage i quit and it usage afterwards for photo shoot only for me and my kids 😅..

But  with grace of God, the time comes when Swami ji comes in my life. His preachings by way of blogs, articles, books and videos start realising me the importance of Persistence, some of the references are   EPIC Model , Heart of Success, Incessant effort , The path of success. Go through it with if you are looking for transformation. It will realize you also the importance of Persistence and other core values.

So here i am trying to write down some keywords and tips which we may find useful to remain persistent to fulfill our goals.

  • Definite Chief Aim- A definite chief aim in your life will lead you towards success. Generally those people who dont have any chief aim move recklessly and waste their time, money and whole life. Go and write down it on your notepads, gadgets etc where you can read it daily.
  • Baby Steps : Move further in Baby steps towards your chief aim. Generally we observe people pick a very high goals and with in a week or two fall down and quit. So in order to achieve your main goal , divide it into further small goals, so  it can easily achieve.
  • Appreciate Yourself:  This one i learnt from Black lotus app  to pat yourself on your daily achievement. No matter anybody else appreciate you but your best friend is you yourself.  Keep always appreciate yourself  for your Persistence efforts.
  • Put Your Heart : Any endeavor you wish to complete, the only thing behind Persistence is put your heart and soul in that work. Only then you will find the door of big success. 
  • Accept as challenge: One another way to keep persistent is to accept your every work as a challenge. Keep sharing your results with your  friends to motivate yourself. I also followed the same rules in some of my endeavors like 30DaysYogaChallenge etc.
  • Use of Apps to push yourself : you can try out some app which are beneficial to keep you always on track like Google tasks, reminders and one i use is using whatsapp onlyme group (only 1 member ie me). I posted generally in it in the way of  WWWH Formula i.e. what i need, when i need, why i need and how i will get it.

Hope you will find this article and these steps interesting and useful and keep yourself persistent in achieving your goals.  Good Luck….


Be Focused, be Persistent

But Never Quit…


Jai Shri Hari


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