Namaste everyone,

New year is approching and I am here with new story after a while. Got busy with studies and other activities. So, here’s the story:-

One day there was a boy named as David who is very lazy and always postpone his works for tomorrow. One day he went for a singing competition he sang so beautifully and nicely that his school principal was highly impressed with his singing skills. He was not sure of his talents and beauty of his singing. After some day, someone rang his phone and informed him that he won the singing competition and he was invited to his school to take his reward. He did not took it seriously and thought to take it some other day. So, die to his laziness he didn’t paid attention to go to school to receive his award. When he went to the school next day to take the reward. And after opening it he founds that the reward which was to be given was a ticket of a circus and tickets for the circus is for yesterday. So, he missed the opportunity to enjoy the reward of his labor. This incident made him realise that how valuable is time. When you make the right step at right time you will be benefited. He promised himself to do his work on time and not to be lazy never again in his life.



We should always be polite towards time. We should use our time and an idea to utilise our time is to make our time table and follow it to utilise our time in a good way.


Β  Jai Sri Hari

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