” Be Positive ” , an advice , an encouraging word , a way of life , but is it really helpful ? 

I have always got the advice to “Be Positive ” when i was at the lowest point of my life , we all get that advice , quite the catchy phrase it is , but is it really possible to remain positive when life really tests you , when everything around you crumbles or when the absolute truth you always believe turned out to be blatant lies , wouldn’t a normal person feel all negative and drained out , defeated , so is telling them to be positive really useful . Rather don’t you think we are forcing them to shut down their emotions , play up to the world act as if they are okay when their whole world is in chaos !! So do you still be ” Being Positive ” is the way to go ??

Absolutely not !!! I Say . If a person is going through something telling them to BE Positive is just dismissing what they feel right at that moment . Its like telling them that they have no right to be weak and that being positive is the only way , so what if the person cant find the light at the end of the tunnel , what then , would that advice still hold good ???. No never prevent yourself from feeling emotions , I believe it takes courage to feel you emotions , to show that you are weak and are stumbling because if and when you stumble you would know to get up because trust me when i say negativity and negative emotions makes you stronger too .  

Feel your emotions , accept them go through them and process them because other wise they will become repressed feelings which makes you feel miserable , so miserable that the life you live becomes burdensome , there would never be joy , nor would you ever be able to fully live and love life because the scars these negative emotions left are beautiful , the scars they left are battle scars they speak of your victory over that phase of life , just because world asks you to be positive do not always take the literal meaning of the word . ” Every cloud has a silver lining ” i agree with that because for you to look for the silver lining you need to acknowledge the existence of the cloud don’t we ? that  cloud they speak of are your struggles your negative emotions . Feel them with your entire heart so when you step out of all the stages of grief you would be reborn . 

Be A phoenix , always and always choose real tears over fake smiles , because people who truly love you would completly understand and respect you for being the wonderful person you are , Just as the almighty created you . So yes “Be Positive , but remember behind that positivity the struggle is real “