I’ll try to explain my understanding of Life with common examples which we come across in Life. Yesterday I was listening to Swamiji when he spoke in Jaipur(if I am not wrong) and there he quoted someone who has said that, Teacher teaches you and then takes the Test while Life takes the Test and leaves you with a lesson. Such a beautiful and meaningful line it is. 

Let us think about the relationship of a Mother and a Child. Whenever you see a child, automatically you feel good. Now this child becomes an adult and has gathered experiences of his/her life, and has his/her own conditioning. Many biochemical changes occur in body while growing up. Besides that depending upon the environment and circumstances He/She may start to enjoy the senses through Drugs, Alcohol, sex etc or combination of these. Now imagine that child has raped somebody and now is a criminal as per the law of Land. Besides law, on Moral and Ethical ground that person is wrong as well. But I would like to shift your attention to the Mother. Now the child, who was once living example of innocence and now a criminal in eyes of Society; for that Mother does hate comes in her Mind for her Child? 

Now let us compare and replace the Humanly Mother with Mother Divine/ Universe/ God and child as all of us. 

Mother is always forgiving and her love is unconditional. Simply because She is constantly Mindful of the fact that you are not that Rapist. You never were when you started this journey. It is just the conditioning we have developed during this Life makes us do terrible things. 

When a child cries for something and doesn’t stop after each effort of Mother, she simply puts the child to sleep and then there is a new day. 

The most common problem people face when they start reflecting on their life is Guilt. They can’t overcome it on their own. Guilt is one of the unnecessary baggage we are carrying in our journey. And more baggage means slow speed. There is a trolley right there in form of Memory traveling with you. Instead of carrying that baggage, you can simply put it on the trolley by simply maintaining the Mindfulness that you reacted in a particular way in a particular situation as per your conditioning. Unless you leave that baggage you will never be able to become Yourself. 

When you are tired and unable to bear that pain any longer, Mother puts you in sleep(Death) and those baggages are hidden deep in your unconscious layers of Mind. You start the journey again.

Becoming Awake simply means to me that you’re able to see those baggages of many many lives and yet remain unaffected by that because you realise who did it wasn’t the real you and the moment you become the real you, you cannot do those things.

Mother forgives you always, no matter what you do but at the same time she puts you in a situation where you experience same thing from the receiving end and get a lesson. In this way she does Justice and be Kind at the same time. All this while this is the Mother who actually suffers while the whole process of your learning. And this whole play of your Learning is called Maya.

I’ll conclude this article with statement of Haidakhan Babaji which changed my Life;

कोई संत नहीं जिसका अतीत न हो 

और कोई पापी नहीं जिसका भविष्य न हो।

( There is no Saint without a past and there is no Sinner who doesn’t have a future)

Let me know your views about this topic.

Loads of Love to you all. ❤️❤️