If all were the same and seen in the same light,

I wonder if, in Life, there would be any delight.


It’s beautiful to see that while rain makes a farmer glad,

For one in the city, its effects makes him so sad.

A saint likes to be alone and enjoy peace and solitude,

A reveler needs company and entertainment absolute.

The day opens and the schoolboy whines,

The breadwinners, they make hay while the sun shines.


A multitude of people and a multitude of life’s ways,

The beauty can be seen if one remembers always,

That Life is not about a particular way of doing things

But its beauty lies in the diversity it brings.


What may be good for some is trouble for another,

But knowing this makes things less a bother.


When things didn’t happen the way they should,

Feeling sad and miserable would do no good.

So what if from something, you did not benefit,

In the larger sense, for some else it was fit.

Have this thought and be at ease,

It keeps the mind healthy and at peace.


Enjoy the beauty that Life brings in everything,

See things for what they are – discover Beauty in Everything.

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