Because he won't call me to his abode! 😒 1Engulfed in dark greyish sheets of grief and pain,

I feel like waging a psychic war at you.

For it seemed You took great pleasure in my screams

Bit by bit, as the excruciating agony grew.


Tell me, Oh Lord of the Three Worlds,

What have I craved for that You couldn’t give?

Whose mere shadow is blessed enough

to annihilate the eternal cycle of Give ‘n Receive!


Touched by the very Hand of Mother Divine,

You rescued souls from the personal hells within.

Resurrecting the bee-stung little girl from dead

Much like Shiva without His trident ‘n tigerskin.


Controller of the darkest storms and rain,

You rule the fire on those red-hued fingertips.

Healing the tiny baby birdie to life,

Much like Narayan without His lotus and the disc.


All I craved for was Your presence,

to wake up to the smile of my Lord every single day.

All I got was a death sentence of separation

Dragging this doomed life, come what it may.


You know, I could have died,

putting an eternal stop to this misery

Tried as hard as I could,

Your love won’t even allow me that luxury.


Hence I have decided to bear with this a bit longer

For I know, this isn’t a dry storm,

When the incapacitating pain of separation

has sucked every bit of life out of me,

You will rain upon my parched heart,

rendering it the much needed warmth.


Holding on to this pain

that is leading me to you,

Bless me to be a warrior

and face the separation through and through.


Merge my will into Yours,

let my existence be ochre-hued

Even after being apart,

Eternally I am a part of You.

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