In Indian philosophy the lotus flower has a special place — become like a lotus we are told! What does this signify? You are all aware that the lotus flower blooms in all its glory in muck, meaning its roots are in the muck and the flower blooms above the marshy muck. So, even if you want to pluck the flower, you yourself have to wade through the muck to reach the flower. The best part of the lotus is that even its petals are silky smooth and no muck stays on it and the petal remains as pristine and pure as ever!

From a spiritual perspective becoming like a lotus flower means staying pure and not allowing the muck of society to muddy your pristine petals while living your day-to-day life in society. Easier said than done, isn’t it! When we live in society we deal with family, friends, colleagues, strangers, we come across varied situations which we have to deal with. Such people and situations have to be managed at that point in time in the best possible manner without affecting one’s own equilibrium. For most of us this is a challenge because our ego and our own sense of judgement is always in play. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes we don’t and we always have to face the consequences of our actions — whether good or bad!

As we start walking on the spiritual path, as we become seekers, start meditating and practicing mindfulness, we start living our life in awareness — when we start doing this we begin to ‘see’ events as they unfold, our soul starts giving us directions which when followed end up keeping us away from trouble and any negative impact or fallout of any situation. This is how we learn to keep our petals pure and pristine. Not getting affected by anything life throws at us is possible if we start living in the moment, accepting whatever happens feeling that what has happened has happened for the best. When we reach this stage in life, then life becomes simple, uncomplicated and peaceful. You enjoy inner peace as the external world stops affecting you — your roots remain in the muck but you bloom and radiate the beauty of the Lotus!

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