Whlile taking out the long register page from middle of a register for my son to attach it on an examination board ,my mind went down the memory lane .Tearing the middle page of copy has been a therapeutic endeavor for me since i was a little girl 👧. The various memories i remembered were….tearing the humble page for 1) To make teachers day card for mam ,b.day card for parents or new year card for class friends. 2) To make India flag on independence and republic day ,drawing 3 lines with ruler ,measuring equal distance ,colouring it orrange and green attaching it to broom stick. 3) Making aeroplanes in between 2 teachers coming and going in the class and flying them among each other. 4 ) On rainy days making a boat and making it swim in water on side streets ,just to drown them. 5) Making paper lantern during pre diwalli times cutting it 20 times and still keeping it attached from the ends. 6) making it like a conical shape and either sneezing with it by putting it in nostrils or itching pleasure of ears…who needs johnson buds! 7) making a crown shape and wearing it as a head gear to feel like a King 8)drawing and cutting bunny ears and attaching them on head. 9)To draw rainbow on it with pastel camlin colours 10)Making an envelope of it in best to waste crafts period. 11)making paper fans in hot afternoon bus rides 12) folding it from up top and again giving it fan folds yo make it a snake 🐍 to scare those sitting ahead of us suddenly 13) Making a book mark of it. 14) making a list of most indisciplined and talkative students on it when rarely mam appointed me as a monitor! 15) Making a dog mask of it with eyes and nostril holes and strings attached to them! 16 ) Throwing them as paper ball at kids without them getting to know it and then hiding under desk. 17)making finger family with them. 18 ) writing a complaint or application to Teacher or principal to releive us early in case of head ache ,stomach ache or fever! 19) Writing spontaneous love letter 20 ) making lists of kids going to picnic who submitted money or those selected for any drawing, music or sports competition. These are some of the things i used beech kaa page for…please add in comments my os.me fraternity if u used it for some more things!