Another day is about to unfold. Break of dawn is my favourite time. Can this be true that seven hours have already gone by since I put my head on the pillow? Doubt it, says my mind. Even if it is not true, I am getting up to look at the stars. For, it is absolutely worth it! Gee, gazillions of stars! Home, my true home is right here, right now. I am not exaggerating this. Joy that I get from bonding with this boundless space is incomparable! Kudos to the Divine for this marvelous creation. Look, Lina! Milky Way! No words can express what I am feeling right now. Oh, Gosh! Picture Perfect view and beyond. Quintessence of it all is being felt within my every heartbeat. Rarely do people even notice or appreciate this macrocosm. Such a fascinating place, this world is! Time to meditate. Under the stars. Vastness of our galaxy I have merged with this morning  is, in fact, my meditation. Wow! Xerox machine would never be able to photocopy what I am witnessing and feeling right now. Yessss! Zillion ‘Yes’ to Life!

PS Day 3 of our writing workshop led by Medha Sri. Abecedarius:)