“Mom ! Let’s get a dog !” It was during the lockdown and my son was after me with the same thing. …which he had been saying on and off for the past few years. Somehow I had managed to avoid the outcome but this time he seemed serious what with being at home with nothing much to do. Where was this going to lead me now? I wondered.

“You know I am allergic and I am not interested in taking care of one more person and as it is my chores have doubled what with no house-help.” My regular sob story was on…

“I will help Mom!”

“Sorry but I am not so sure about your help. I don’t want to be the one to suffer later.  So… no!!!”

Most afternoons I would relax on the sofa after finishing my chores and he would switch on YouTube and play some funny animal videos that I would enjoy watching. It was such a stress buster to watch the innocent animal antics.

So most of my free time was now spent watching animal videos… and most of the time the TV session would end with the typical question.

“Can we get a pet too Mom?”


“Please …Anything will do…even a cat?”

I would ignore the pleading. I knew his tactics he was a very patient boy…that’s how he had gotten a pair of Cockatiels our current pets a few years back from his grandparents.

He was not the one to throw any tantrums…he would just ask everyday…and would use any conversation or anything to just  lead to the same point. 

We already have a pair of cockatiels and now one more pet? No ways! Although he and his Dad helped me with their care yet  a dog was a bigger responsibility. And this time I was not going to cave in I had decided. Come what may! I was ready

My son was ready too and kept going on …He found out about the various dog breeds and now could just identify each by looking. All conversations would just lead to one thing…dog…phewww!!! or was it woof now?

He was good at sketching and so when I asked him to spend time sketching. …lo and behold. ..we had sketches of various dog breeds.

My very patient boy. .. now had a new obsession. ..DOG. ..the opposite of God and only he could help me now…

Seeing his enthusiasm after a while my husband too joined the bandwagon! It was now 2 against 1…God really help me now!  My husband was an animal lover too! The only thing that had held him back for the last few years was the allergy that I had developed to dog hair.

“Mom …I have news for you!”


“There are dogs who are hypoallergenic. ..that means they shed less unlike other  dog breeds and do not have dander which causes allergies.”


“Yess!” He was excited.

Inside I was happy with the knowledge – a dog which doesn’t shed. Great! But on the outside I was still skeptical.

“But what about  dog walking and potty training?”

“Mom I am reading Zack George’s book on dog training that Dad got me last week.”

“Omg! You find it hard to read your lessons. ..but now u r reading a dog training book!” I was happy that at least he was reading something.

“Can we get a pet now?” Same question.

“No!” Same answer. I am not going to give in….

To be continued…