Hey  Dear friends,

I am so thankful to osme Team, Pankaj, and Nikunj for selecting me as a Samuari for Being Woman and Food themes.  I am a born Samurai for Women ‘s rights and freedom. Praying to The Divine to Bless me to do my best in this responsibility. Thank you, Medha Shri for giving me the confidence and the right opportunities.  Thank you for trusting me with this responsible work for our awesome osme. So, we are here to celebrate life and celebrate ‘being a woman’.  Girls, hope you are all feeling already proud to be a woman and a Warrior Goddess.

Sunita Thai was sulking for a week now, I was pretty busy and didn’t ask her anything. Yesterday she told me in a low-pitched voice with a downcast face  ‘’ladki hua’’.

I got it !!! She is suffering from the ‘ladki hua ‘syndrome.  . Her daughter-in-law gave birth to a girl child!

I asked her ‘’Why are you not happy ?’’

‘’ Beta aur bahu rani khush hai ‘’ was her reply.

Thank God, the baby girl got loving parents!

I knew no amount of reasoning is going to work with her. I kept quiet. Now it is up to the small little newborn to prove her Nanny wrong.

She only can change the deep-rooted conditioning against girl children which was in the heart of her Nanny. Probably she herself suffered ‘being a woman’.

This is not a scenario of the poor, this discrimination exists in the society’s rich also.

How to change this scenario?

I would suggest change should begin with oneself first.

‘’ A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture, and transform’’

-Diane Mariechild , Writer.

Girls, remember,

‘’ Shakti, Sampathi aur Sadbhuddi ye teeno auratein hai’’. Well, that is a little brush of Bollywood 😊

I have created a quick abcd of ‘being a woman ‘ Please add your own words to any letter. Let us celebrate ‘Being Woman ‘

A – Aadya Shakti

She is Aadya Shakti, The primordial force and energy of every creation in this Universe. Women wake up and realize you are Her children and the feminine energy.

Let us nurture our power and let no one abuse us.

Girls remember ‘’ Shakti, Sampathi aur Sadbhuddi ye teeno auratein hai’’. Well that is a little bit of Bollywood 😊

B- Beautiful and Beatrix.

 Yes, without a doubt. Being a woman is a blessing indeed and we all are beautiful.

C-   Caring and Compassionate

Care and Compassion are synonyms of women. Mother’s care is the utmost and unconditional form of  Love in this world. You can see it even in animal forms.

They always find a reason to forgive and are the first ones to apologize and take corrective actions in difficult situations.  

D – Durga, Daughter, and Domestic Goddess

Try disturbing her children, you will see her Durga form!

A daughter is a blessing to any home. She is not weak and a burden. She is the domestic goddess who brings warmth, joy, and auspiciousness to our hearts and hearts.

She sets the mood of everything from the  Puja room to the bedroom and makes a house worthy of calling home.  She attends to the need of elders and children alike. She energies her partner with understanding and sharing wisdom and insights into life. She learns all life skills naturally.

E-   Earth.  She is the patient of Mother Earth. She is the kinetic energy, the energy in motion. Even Shiva is the potential energy without the energy of Sakti.

F- Friend of all. She is always the amicable companion in your life journey.

G- Gorgeous Diva. Isn’t she the celebrity and the celebration? 😊

H- Helpmate. A woman is helping the world by working in different roles at home and in workspaces. I recently attended the Creative writing Course in’ osme ‘wherein Swamiji says in His experience of publishing many books, he found all the top posts in the publishing industry were held by women. Girls, we are in the right place where women are highly respected!

I – Intuitive, Imaginative. She has inner wisdom from her life experiences and she uses this wisdom to counsel and heal her family and society making the world a better place.

“A lady’s imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony in a moment.”
― Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

 J- The Joy of life.

K- Kindred soul. Always she is the kindred soul and soulmate.

L-love. She is the ocean of Love .

M- Mother. Motherhood is the essence of womanhood. She handles the life-altering responsibility of motherhood with great elan.

N – Nature. Nature is called Mother Nature with feminine qualities of creation and care and nurturing.

O-original.   Take a look at your Mom and Granny.  They stand out in any crowd with their uniqueness. You will not search for originality anywhere else.

P –Presence. You cannot fail to notice her!

Q- Queen.

“A queen
offers her hand to be kissed,
& can form it into a fist
while smiling the whole damn time.”
― Elizabeth Acevedo, Clap When You Land

R- Rib of Adam.  God created Eve from the rib of Adam.  There is a reason for this.

Here is the best explanation I could find for this.

“The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.”

― Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible

That resolves the tension of comparison and competition. Men and women are supposed to be existing in harmony and union. She needs to be protected under his arms.

Here I would like to quote from Manu Smriti also.

“Pitah Rakshathi Koumare

Pati Rakshathi Youvanne

Puthro Rakshathi Vardaykye

Na sthree swathanthram arhati”

The poem means A woman needs to be protected in childhood by her father, in youth by her husband, and in old age by her son.

This doesn’t imply the freedom of a woman must be stopped by the men in her life.

S- – Samurai. She belongs to the clan of brave warriors. Powerful, deadly, and smart.

T- Temptress. She is the ultimate temptress and muse. 

U- Universe. She is all-inclusive like the Universe.

V- Vital Force. She is the kinetic energy, the energy in motion.

W-  Womanhood.  The state of being a woman. 

X- X- factor of all things.

Y- Yoni. The gateway of births.

Z-  The Zest of life. 

   Girls, Your turn now. Empower yourself with any word that comes to your mind.  You can begin with the first letter of your name. Dear menfolk you can give power to your woman. Participate in comments and discussions.

 Three Cheers to girl power !!! Let us march towards a new year of transformation. From ‘being a woman ‘ to ‘being a superwoman’.

Jai Sri Hari 😊

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