It has been a while since I wrote about Vali – Being Albino was my first post and I’m so thankful for all the beautiful comments and secretly I was hoping Swamiji would also read it maybe – we never know 🙂

Is it a boy or a girl? The tiny kid with spiked hair tugged at my hand. “Well he is a good looking boy “ I had to answer. 
Does he bite? The curious dad checked in- frankly I never know what to answer but I politely said he is a well trained dog and does not bite people! 

How much to maintain? A stern looking passerby asked me one evening. “Not Much” I answered and he went away with a solemn stare while I was busy trying to arrive at a figure for a dog’s maintenance…

It was a weekend at a cafe.  The cafe owner winked at us – you should get him here more! I’ll have a bevy of admirers especially female – hehehe!! He laughed at his own joke while we nibbled at the dry toast with poker faces.

To maybe echo his sentiment, the posh lady flicked her wrist at Vali and asked “ is he a dogo Argentino?  Nope we chorused – he is an indie   – very Indian. Oh she sighed and went back to her iced tea.

We were at a roadside dhaba and the rickshaw driver could not take his eyes off Vali. Finally he came around and asked me if we could sell Vali to him in an all cash transaction and muttered at our response – “well I knew it! But there is hope in asking right?”  Yes we nodded in agreement – we all have to find our own answers ….

One day at the vet – this charming lady came in and kissed Vali all over –  the pink lipstick stayed on for a few days 😉  I’m hoping she did not swallow dog hairs …

“Dingu” is what the local fisherman calls Vali and brings him a treat every time they meet. It’s a simple  joyous interaction for both.

One thing I notice is Vali has his eyes on us all the time – with gushing admirers, with grumpy passers by or with not so friendly people- he is the same – he just does not react – all he looks at is if we are with him and that’s all that matters – simple isn’t it? His whole world is with the people he knows and he is simply content to be a part of it.

He is happiest when he quietly lies down next to where we are. He is always calm but howls if we are separated for long – that’s his only way of showing that he is not ok. Even the stay cat is welcome if we are with him – it takes courage to love so much!

I hope we find that courage in our hearts even when things are not always good.

Till soon 🙂