Life situations will always be different for different people. I may be undergoing a tough phase and at the same time someone else may be going through a good phase and things could be vice-versa too! Life is not gonna be the same for every one…

A friend in a WhatsApp group lost her dad, it was a major loss. A couple of days later another friend posted a pic of her Dad’s accomplishments which had made to the newspapers in the group. The earlier friend quit the group as she was going through a tough time. So she felt how could someone else be happy or so insensitive?

A cousin was going through a separation phase in her newly married life and another cousin was getting married at the same time. She couldn’t share her sad news at a happy moment with the rest of the family. A few months later she blamed the cousin that I had to portray a happy face for your sake when I was so unhappy …

Me and a friend did our yoga exams. She scored a distinction and me a first class, the difference was a few marks. Should I lament over the few marks that had made the difference or could I be happy for her? It was hard to be happy for her when I faced her in the class the next morning, especially when everyone was congratulating her after the class…

I put on a brave face and decided to be happy for her and took her for tea as part of the celebration. She was so happy with the gesture and that made the day for me.

I knew she deserved the class for all the dedication and hard work that she had put in. I  analyzed my mistakes and decided to put in more efforts for the next level exam and continued with my class.

It was tough to be happy for her when I was filled with disappointment and sadness. Realization hit me that someone may have smiled for me during my happy moments even while they may be going through tough ones.

We always need each other to share our happy moments as well as our sad ones. So can we bring ourselves to be happy – during our happy moments…and rise up and I know this is tough…but to be happy at least initially from the outside for others while we are sad. That would be real giving, isn’t it? Smiling when you are sad…being happy when you are unhappy!

This way we can learn to be happy most of the time!!

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