Blog -Being Human
All great qualities are feminine – love , compassion,sympathy , kindness , all these qualities are the flavor of the feminine . There are male qualities , qualities of a warrior , courage .They are hard qualities , one has to be steel qualities because the man ‘ s qualities developed through war and female qualities developed at home in the garden of love , with husband and children -she has lived in different world . Man has lived continuously fighting.
Both men and women should be as soft as rose petal and as hard as sword – both together and use it as the situation demands, these flexibility will make you life richer
Man and woman ar two parts of one whole ;where as the women are the elite class of God ‘creation , they are considered to be LXAMI of a home , where the Laxami is worshiped That home a,ways become richer day by day , therefore it is mandatory to give love and respect to them in all situation and in all conditions .

Om Shanti